Jesus is coming soon

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    John Lawler

    Jesus Is Coming Soon


    The Lord had me speak the following word over our church congregation yesterday and I felt it was not only for our church but for the whole church at large. I share it with you for your discernment and comments.

    The Lord would say unto my people, my Son is coming very soon, most sooner than most realize or understand. Most of my people are far far away from me, most of them don’t really know me for the God that I am. That breaks my heart saith God. But now there are things that are going to take place in the earth that is going to get the attention of all, including my people. I said many times in the days gone by what I am going to do through my prophetic voices both throughout the bible and even throughout this day and past years I’ve spoken what I am going to do and now you’re going to see it all come to past right before your eyes saith the Lord. The tectonic plates in the earth are going to shift and shift and shift and great quaking will come to many many places in the earth unlike anything that the people on this planet earth have ever seen or heard of saith God. I warned many of my people to move move move from these areas that I have been speaking about but they still continue to stay there and they’re going to get swept away just like the world is going to get swept away because they refused to listen to the voice of God. There is about to begin a war in the middle east that will create a mighty mighty clashing of swords the clashing of swords, but there is one thing that will come out of it, a peace treaty will be signed by all but that’s not the end saith the Lord, for I said in my word when they say peace peace then sudden destruction cometh. Just know that you’re going to see and hear and understand these things that are going to take place even in this upcoming year saith the Lord. So stay focused on me. Keep your eyes off of the world and what the world is going through. Get focused on me, spend time with me, get to know me for who I am. I love you, I want the best for you, but if you continue to go your own way and do your own thing you will never accomplish anything meaningful to the Body of Christ saith the Lord. So now is the time to make a choice do I want more of God or do I want more of what the world has to offer cause if you want more of what the world has to offer I will make sure that you get it, but it will bring leanness into your life and your walk with me saith God. So now is the time to make a real real honest to goodness choice about what you’re about to do in the days ahead and I’ll be with you and I’ll see you through whatever situation comes your way and work it together for your good, but you got to learn to trust me saith God and not the world and everything the world has to offer, because I am a trustworthy God and I will bring to past in each of your lives what I want to bring to past if you just learn to trust me and let me do what I want to in each one of your lives saith the Lord.

    You can share this word with anyone that you wish to share it with.

    John S. Lawler Sr.

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