Hello Family and Friends,
I am so excited! I want to share with you one of the amazing testimonies from one of my clients. In her own words:
“After Dr. Clarice prayed for me, I prayed for a purpose. God opened a door for me to have a watercolor painting ministry that evolved into a business.
  • From the initial 250 paintings that I completed in the first 12 weeks, it has now expanded to 1,500.
  • I have sold them nationwide.
  • I have been in three art shows and won the People’s Choice Award.
  • I have speaking engagements to share my testimony.
  • I have been interviewed for two magazine articles.
  • My work is currently in four stores.
The most supernatural thing is that I didn’t even know I could paint! People say they feel peace when they look at my paintings. I am blown away by God answering Dr. Clarice’s prayer.
The paintings have been turned into fabric to make clothing and pillows. This is nothing short of a miracle! As of today’s date, my painting business continues to flourish and I have now expanded into taking referrals to coach and mentor others who are interested in painting or starting a painting business. I now have my own painting business which is called JOY WORKS.
The best and greatest thing is that people know it’s God doing this and not me. It is an open door to share Jesus.”
Thank you. Linda D.
What a wonderful testimony from a person who stepped out, stepped up, and stepped into her best life.
I am looking for seven serious people who want to invest in themselves and be mentored by me. Let’s spend four weeks together building YOUR best life!
I can’t WAIT to work with you! You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to change your LIFE and your business!
Committed to your success,
Dr. Clarice