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    Ron McGatlin

    It’s due season..

    Hey Revivalist,

    Tonight I had a vision I was in a surgery room and I heard the surgeon say “Sorry, there has been a complication” then I saw a mother who was about to give birth suddenly gripped in fear. Then I heard the Lord say “There will be no delays or complications to this birth!”

    The enemy wants you to believe there are complications to the delivery of your spiritual baby so you come into agreement with the prognosis of fear and abort it. Circumstances may be intimidating you right now, unexpected roadblocks may have arisen, and maybe even well-meaning people are trying to reason you out of your promise because it looks bleak.. but what has the Lord said to you? Who gave you the dream? Who placed it within you?

    It will not return VOID says the Lord! The vision will not tarry. Your vine will not fail to bear fruit in the field says the Lord!

    Listen to the real physician today. Get His opinion, get heavens prognosis, and a higher perspective and align with it, letting go of the fear, anxiety, and foreboding thoughts that only delay your delivering.

    I see Him removing grief and sorrow that has tried to attach itself and poison your joyful expectation. Get off in Jesus name!

    It is DUE SEASON, and everything that God has given you will come to pass and you will see it with your very own eyes what God promised you! in Jesus name!

    Nate and Christy Johnston

    Juan M B.

    Amen! I just was praying and received a vision from Jesus, he just told me to not worry about the devil’s tactics and that he was proud of me not taking the bait from the enemy. I’m a prophet and the demons have been trying for years to initiate me into this luciferian elite. I’ve been approached by many to join freemasons and other cults that do not worship Father God. Jesus is going to show all that his words are very true and will not return void! I’m going through one of the biggest financial struggles of my life but I will continue to be obedient and know that I’m on His righteous blessed track to heaven! Thank You Father God for the prophesied blessings that arrive today in Jesus almighty name!

    Clu Monroe

    Amen brothers and sisters! And on Halloween too! Sorry Satan… No.

    No more delay. God’s pure-hearted ones have broken through to the other side; promises fulfilled, peace, love and joy delivered by and through and with our indwelling Christ. Hope become manifest.

    Hebrews 11:1 and Romans 15:13

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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