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    Yes, it is just too big for one person to handle the intercession that needs to come forth to accomplish God’s purposes in the land. There has to be a coming together in unity with one mind and one purpose to accomplish this fete. Many have tried to intercede to give birth to the will of God that must come through in their life without success. There has to be a coming together with all positioned in the right places to accomplish this both midwives and intercessors.

    Many years ago I was in the middle of high praise, that is when Holy Spirit totally takes over and a shift begins to happen. Praise just flows out of you like a river! As this was happening my arms went up and out of me came the deepest most powerful roar and as it was happening the Lord said that His power was flowing forth over the area repelling powers of darkness enabling the lost to respond to His saving grace. It was so very loud and I found out that the lady sitting in front of me did not even hear it. Yes, it was loud in the spirit realm where the powers of darkness heard it.

    When the roar stopped, I went to my knees like a wet noodle and I told the Lord that if He was going to put this kind of power upon me that He needs to give me a body that can contain it. It felt like it was going to blow me apart! He said for me to stand in the gap for the body of Christ around the world to come together in unity in high praise and He was going to release His roar through His people around the world in unison and this would usher in the end time harvest of souls.

    Yes, that has been my focus of my worship and intercession for over twenty years around the time a prophet from Christian International said over me that I was in the third trimester of birthing forth the will of God. Now we are in the worse condition our nation has ever been in where the enemy looks like he is succeeding in killing off the human race, birthing has begun.

    I was reading an article about how tragic things have gotten for the unborn and the plans and purposes of the enemy to kill off babies after they were born I started to intercede and it came out so forcefully that it felt like I was lashing out at the enemy. It was so powerful that it was taking my strength out of me. I went to my knees not knowing whether to fall over on my side in a fetal position or to my knees. So I found myself on my knees hunched over and I felt a birthing take place in the Spirit. I know this is symbolic of what the body of intercessors are now going into and it is not by our might or power but by His spirit for this to come to fruition!

    I know the enemy is right at the door ready to devour the birthing of the perfect will of the Lord, but it is not our plan or purpose but the Lord’s! He’s been interceding for this day to come forth for generations and now is the time and the hour to give birth and to see God move in His power and might against the evil one.

    Yes, His kingdom will come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!



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