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    Ron McGatlin
    In the Father, there is the opportunity to truly be free from ALL fear and manifest the peace of God wherever you go.

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    There is an inward journey resulting in rest and union with God, which comes from knowing and experiencing the perfect love of God within, we must lay down all fears concerns and external things to remain here. In this place there is no sin, no fear, and no devil exists, only the Father and his peace which flows from perfect love. It is the perfection of love and oneness as His son.

    You can remain in that place and never move beyond it and Father is completely pleased for you to do so. And there are places in realms of eternity you were created to rule and reign as a son. It involves being willing to take on responsiblity and authority to increase the government of that peace to realms around you, it involves “dealing” with evil and entities that cannot exist anymore in the places you sit. It is not a struggle to defeat the enemy, the struggle really only is you and maintaining peace of his presence without fear as you step into further places of growth and expansion.

    I went to Africa having long before abandoned all ridiculous dreams of “ministry”. First, because Father told me to prepare to go, second i did not want to go but went because I knew that what i had they needed, and boy did they ever.

    I was in Kenya and encouraging brothers where El Shabob operated. for two weeks; it was my reality, and the enemy for me was fear that came as a spirit to get me to submit to fear, But Father gave me grace and my whole message to the people was the perfect love of the Father that casts out fear. People feared the terrorist because they had fear in thier heart, they could not overcome outwardly what inwardly kept them bound. Thier greatest fear was angry condemning God, and it was fuel and food for the terrorist.

    My whole message was the perfect love of Father, and i did all I could to portray and manifest his perfect love with no condemnation.They were shocked to hear the message of grace and perfect love, but more than that that they were also sons of God, both men and women. They declared no one had ever preached to them what i shared

    I was an island of peace in the midst of chaos, and the peace of God in me was able to calm the storm around me so He could speak to hearts. The justice of God is the glory of the peace of his presence which dethrones and disempowers evil entities. It brings justice. “Of the increase of the peace of His government there shall be no end”. I have also come to know this; when you bring his presence to reign in places the chaos people move in will consume them if they do not change, what you reap you sow. The sword reaps the sword. The answer to fear (and terrorism the manifestation of it) is to walk in the perfect love of God which exudes peace.

    I am talking of taking your place as sons in the kingdom of your Father. Standing in places of responsibility and authority. The problem is that there are entities that sit in the places sons should be sitting in. Theology and nice theories of how love works are nice, but they are not experiences of real engagement in the spirit realm with God himself and dislodging the forces that inhabit spiritual dimensions.

    Most events in history were directed in the realm of the spirit and the physical is simply a manifestation of the spiritual happenings

    If you are not directly responsible for something like ISIS, you can ask Father to bring justice to the innocent, but how he does it is through bringing one who carries His peace to sit in places that are ruled by evil entities empowering ISIS, places in realms beyond what you see.

    Kriston Couchey

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