“I See Millions Of People Looking Up Into Christ’s Face” (Written and Video)

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    Chris Williams

    During my rest time with Christ, I heard Him say, “Rest and listen.  What do you see?”

    [I said, “I see millions upon millions of people looking up into Your Face ~ as You look down toward them from above.”]

    Jesus then asked, “What else?”

    [“I see that their hands are raised in worship.”]

    Jesus confirmed my answer, saying, “Yes, can you hear what they are saying, Chris?”

    [“They worship You, saying that You have overcome hell and that we are free now.” (see Rev 1:17-19)]

    Jesus answered, “Yes, you have heard correctly.  I have already overcome hell; and I hold the keys to hell now, continually (see Rev 1:17-19).  Now the time comes in which Mine, who have chosen Me over the world, will rise above the earth. They rise in great celebration because, within their hearts, they too long to come home rather than participate in the darkened, evil world: a world of greed, lies,  false conception [understanding, ideas] from false words,  and the blackness and evils of satan and his ways.”

    Many of Mine are eager to come home now, and yet they linger on earth as soldiers for Me, their Lord and Savior.  Many live as you do — impoverished [reduced to poverty; deprived of strength, vitality…].  Many, who have given themselves over to Me, haven’t any means to go on without My fullness in them; and yet they continue to stand firm (see Eph 6:11-18).

    For this reason, you are to see and speak My manifestation to them while on earth. You are to always see and speak for Me until My mission and commission to you, and through you is completed.  This is true with all of Mine, Amen Amen and again Amen (see Matt 5:16; 2 Tim 2:1-15).


    You can visit our website at https://Christine-Williams-Ministry.org

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