“I Saw Jesus and His Army Wildly Yelling and Running Into Battle Over Europe”

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    Chris Williams

    God said to me, “Sit quietly and listen.  We are going to Europe.”

    At first, I thought that He meant that we were going to Europe in the physical realm.

    God then said “Not in the physical, but in the spiritual realm. What do you see?”

    “I saw intense darkness.  It was pitch black above the countries; I could not distinguish them.”

    God asked, “Now what do you see?”

    I answered Him and said, “I see Jesus Christ above me; He is coming from the East (and slightly to the south).  He is engulfed  in intense bright light.

    Jesus’ armor was gold.  I noticed that Jesus was dressed in knights’ armor, including a skirt.  He did not have His crown on; he did not wear a helmet.  His sword was raised above His head, and He was yelling and running forward into battle.”

    Behind Him was God’s heavenly army. They were also coming from heaven onto earth within the spiritual realm. They were not wearing helmets either.  They too were in bright gold shinny armor; their swords were also raised.   They were wildly yelling and running behind Jesus as they prepared to go into battle. All of these warriors, including Jesus, were/are huge.

    God then asked me to look at the countries again.  I had forgotten about them until He asked.  I was shown the spiritual realm above the earthly countries.

    God again said, “What do you see?”

    As I looked down upon the earth again, I saw a bright blinding light coming up through the blackness.  It came from Europe’s southeast area (which is where Jesus was at the beginning of this vision).  The light was so bright that I could not see if it came from a specific country or an area containing more than one country.

    God said, “Look back into the darkness over Europe. What do you see?”

    I saw the light from Jesus and His army slowly expanding; they went forward and out into the darkness.  They were still in the heavenly spiritual realm.

    At first, I told God that I believed that it was sand separating and moving into the darkened area. As the light moved forward, it looked like rain.  I saw small individual drops of light. However, the drops never moved downward as normal rain would do. Instead, they moved outward from my right to my left; and toward the West (as upon a map) and across the dark sky.  This was under God’s control and it was His intent.

    These drops are the light from the individuals within the one army of Christ.  They moved in a uniform manner as an army does. God showed me that this army is very powerful and able to CAUSE God’s change on earth.

    God then said, “Look back at Jesus and His army again.”  As I did I saw, for the first time, a beautiful blue sky behind Jesus and His army.  I knew, and God confirmed that this is definitely a vision of them on earth. They had left the spiritual darkness in Victory!

    God said, “Wait, that is enough for now.  You will see more at a later time.”

    In Christ’s Love for us all, Love Chris

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