I keep rereading this one- It is so incredibly beautiful to my spirit

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    Kimberly Fowler

    God is refreshing my body and spirit (after a long bout of unrelenting illness) with His Words of encouragement

    From my journals:

    I was praying for the body of Christ and had a
    picture vision very briefly. I believe this represents a
    part of the body but not the full body, yet we understand
    also that when one part of the body is hurt, we all are
    part of the body, so I saw a picture of the “body” as if it
    were the entire body but it represented the area of the
    body hurting.
    I saw a picture of a lady like a princess lying in a state
    of being comatose or almost like she had died. She had no
    breath in her. It was like the picture in those old fairy
    tales of Snow White, where she had been fed the poisoned
    fruit and lay almost in a state of death. The lady was
    laying there, just lifeless, and Jesus leaned over her just
    like the Prince who kissed Snow White and brought her back
    to life with his kiss. But I saw like it was close up and
    Jesus did not actually kiss this princess lying there, His
    lips were just a fraction above hers and He spoke the word,
    “Hope”. And then I think He spoke it again, but I heard Him
    say “hope”. And I have to explain something and interrupt
    myself so you will understand what I heard. If you hear
    someone pronounce a strong “h” sound, it comes out as
    expelled air. It produces a brief gust of breath for want
    of a better word. So as He spoke the word “hope” right over
    her mouth, His breath was expelled into her mouth. (He
    “breathed” on her by giving her the word “hope”.) And all
    of a sudden she began breathing and that was the end of the


    Rose Cowen

    This too speaks to my spirit….as I was reading some of the older posts and one of yours which I had heard that the Lord was breathing on and I forgot to post that …sorry but…when I was on hear yesterday the Lord said he was breathing on some of these posts….When I read this one it reminds me of a LARGE SIGN and it is the word HOPE in front of a ladies bathroom at one of the churches I attend when I am in Oregon…..I know there is a portal under this sign…the spirit hits me when I pass by this sign and I….I HOPE THIS DOESN’T OFFEND but when I have been in the Ladies room the presence of the Lord has hit me as I am standing looking in the mirror and I become drunk in the spirit and the Lord told me to bless someone that was walking out and when I did she really got hit by the spirit of God and that has happened more than once and I have walked by the HOPE SIGN and have had  to lay in the floor the spirit of God hits me sooo hard……I just love his love and presence and of course HOPE  is something that I pray for..about and God just gives…and is about him……Thank You Jesus

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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