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    Ron McGatlin

    I Heard the Lord Say, “The New Wine is Ready! I Need a New Wineskin!”Faith Marie Baczko, Ontario, Canada

    What an opportune time to be alive on planet Earth and living in the Kingdom of God! God is on the move! He has shifted the world into a new dispensation of time that is alive with potential and pregnant with possibilities as Heaven moves to break in with the supernatural and the miraculous!

    God is moving to release a new and fresh apprehension of His goodness and glory in the face of Jesus Christ. With 5777, we have shifted into a new era in which God is doing a new thing in new ways, where His intentions are ultimately focused on reaping a great harvest of precious souls and bringing them into the family of God.

    God is looking now, on a wide scale, to once again invade cities and nations with His glory!

    It is important to be aligned with the mind of Christ that we may comprehend the new dynamic of this hour and His strategic purposes for this dispensation of time. Throne union with Him is His desire and goal, that we may legislate the heavens and rule with Him in His holy endeavors. Critical-thinking, united with revelation, will unlock the marvels prepared for this hour. The fire will be ignited, and the provisions released and prepared have been made ready specifically for this season! To stay in sync with the Lord, we must know how to process this time and understand what He intends to accomplish.

    Getting In Sync – The New Wine is Ready!

    Recently, I had a dream of driving a car. I turned on to a very familiar street not knowing that it had been changed to a one-way street, and I was heading into the flow of on-going traffic. The Lord revealed that this was a new day! The day of going our own way, traveling old familiar paths had ended. The present shift in our time is transforming old roadways to where we now flow together as one on the highway of the Lord, in the direction of the union in His will.

    Together, on this higher way, we become a force to be reckoned with through our agreement and union with Him! As we let go of the familiar and launch out in faith we become unstoppable—catapulted on a one-way ticket where we will not and cannot return to the old place we were before.

    This is an apostolic season of being sent out, of His sons coming to the fullness of maturity, and of His harvest—a season of being centered in His will, positioned to take the land assigned to us! God is preparing a new wineskin to meet the challenges of this season. An apostolic mantle is being activated to shift and shake up the ways we have done Church.

    Recently, I heard the Lord say clearly, “The new wine is ready! I need a new wineskin!” God has also been emphasizing His desire to bring Heaven to Earth! From the start of this year, Heaven to Earth, is a phrase I keep running into in some form, everywhere I turn! God is about to release the new wine to those positioned and prepared to receive it! (Photo via Wikipedia)

    Being Rightly Positioned

    Being rightly positioned for harvest and cities of refuge are two issues I feel God is now emphasizing for the fulfillment of His purposes in this hour.

    Having the understanding of the keys that unlock your destiny is vital in this incredible season ahead! Being centered in Christ and positioned in the land of your inheritance is one of those keys! Circumstances may seem to be holding you back, or life situations and finances, but obedience to take your place in your appointed sphere unlocks your destiny and positions you for favor. It’s a favor that opens the necessary doors for you to accomplish your assignment.

    We will be increased—enlarged in abundance in prosperity, in authority and in multiplication. Choosing to set yourself firmly in the place where God has called you unlocks a spiritual principle that results in increase where finances are released and with effectiveness. The principle works! This includes places of employment, community, etc. Making a commitment to a community makes a vital difference and impact in the unseen realm! Our vision for the community like a diamond, will then begin to sparkle with new facets we had not seen before.

    Cities of Refuge – Called to a City

    God is moving now to establish cities of His presence that are places of refuge from the storms—true sanctuary cities guarded by the presence of God and His heavenly hosts. This is a key strategy in His plan for the hour.

    How does the Government of Heaven invade Earth? In the Old Testament, Heaven first invaded Earth with a man—Abraham, then a people, a city, and then the nation, and all of Israel saw the glory!

    In the New Testament Heaven invaded Earth with Christ, then at Pentecost the Glory fell on 120 praying Saints who were prepared and made ready for the promise of the Father. A city and nation were revolutionized! God is looking now, on a wide scale, to once again invade cities and nations with His glory!

    The Lord’s strategic plan for dominion embodies both the micro and the macro—from the individual soul to His global and national intentions! God is in the business of nation building through individuals, and reaching a nation begins with His glory overtaking people, cities and communities. The Lord is looking for those who will be bold enough now to ask Him for cities and nations, not just in the emotional fervor of the moment, but with intentionality and willingness to pay the cost. He is seeking co-laborers who will reveal His heart to the lost!

    Throne union with Him is His desire and goal, that we may legislate the heavens and rule with Him in His holy endeavors.

    “Only ask, and I WILL give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.” (Psalm 2:8 NLT emphasis mine)

    The enemy has made great gains over the last eight years but has also lost much ground in 2017. He is enraged and fighting to regain ground and increase his plans for chaos on the Earth. However, God has provided a window in this opportune time for His people to move in light and fire to establish His safe spaces.

    Time for Establishing God’s Purposes

    I do believe God has given us time to establish His cities of refuge and glory, and lay the groundwork for much that He plans to do in cities and nations. The world seems to be shaking in turmoil right now as years of deeply rooted iniquity in demonic structures and things hidden in dark places are being shaken, stirred up and exposed.

    Spiritual earthquakes are demolishing demonic mindsets and unproductive ways that have worked to keep lies and deception hidden. God is exposing the enemy in order to bring forth the new and fresh, to re-align nations, establish new foundations and forge new strategic partnerships. Many world leaders will suddenly begin to embrace new possibilities that produce life and good fruit, as He moves the heart of leaders like a river.

    God will turn much that the enemy is attempting to do right now on the world scene for the good, as His people align with Him and intercede accordingly. The best days of the Church are upon us and it’s a time to embrace our divine destiny. God is good and He is faithful! We are at the beginning of the season we have been waiting for! Let us wake up and be successful in fulfilling all He has planned! This is the hour of the fulfillment of His promises of glory and light! The people of God are beginning to “arise and shine” for our light has come! (Photo via Max Pixel)

    Satan is also working at establishing his cities and nations, led by his anti-Christ leaders who are positioned to produce panic and fear. However, he must submit to God’s timing and cannot go beyond his boundaries, no matter how dark things may seem. Jesus prophesied many times that everything that has been written “must be fulfilled” so by this we can understand that tribulation will come. However, at this time I do sense that right now the enemy is overplaying his hand.

    In this hour and season ahead, God is saying to His people, “Rule in the midst of your enemies” (see Psalm 110). The Lord has provided us with powerful tools to accomplish our assignment and legislate the heavens with the ability to call forth what is not as though it were. He has given us the power of the Blood, the power of His name, the power of His Word, the power of decree, the power of the Holy Spirit to bring it to pass, and angel armies assigned to God’s Kingdom purposes! He has given us everything needed to rule and reign, to take and to hold ground!

    “Of the increase of His Government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” (Isaiah 9:7)

    Faith Marie Baczko, Executive Director
    Headstone Ministries International | Schools of The Last Wine

    Email: contact@headstoneministries.com
    Website: http://www.headstoneministries.com

    Faith Marie Baczko is the Pastor of Yahweh’s House Fellowship and the President of Headstone Ministries International and Schools of The Last Wine. She brings significant revelation to mobilize, equip, and strengthen the Body for this momentous time of history. Her teachings are rich with revelatory insight released to undergird the work of preparation for the Saints to be fashioned into a holy sanctuary for the coming of the Lord. She is a prophetic preacher, encourager, author, and international speaker, ministering the Word of the Lord to the nations. She has held many conferences and seminars in South America and the Caribbean.

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    This is a powerful word from the Lord full of divine strategies and plans from the Lord that we need. I am reading it and rereading it to allow the Spirit of God to quicken in me that which He desires in it. I encourage others to read it slow, and let the Holy Spirit bring forth the deep he has hidden it. In it are blueprints, instructions for your life. Lord give us an ear to hear what the Spirit of God says to the churches.


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