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    This is a Dream I had, and a Word that came to me after I wrote the Dream out.

    I was at a Church before the Service started, and all of a sudden I started singing the following, “I want to Worship The LORD in Praise. Let the sounds of Praise roll forth!”

    Then I heard the sounds of instruments and voices singing and in some way, it was all being recorded.

    I began to say, “I wonder where all that took place,” and then I said, “New Jerusalem!”

    The man who was recording the music and melody of the heavenly choir said, “Yes!” and I said, “I need a copy of that!”

    I woke up trying to recollect the song that I was singing in my Dream along with the heavenly choir. I know that I got “slain in the Spirit” in the Dream.

    After I wrote out the Dream, I received the following Word of Admonition:

    “It is Time to Rejoice!This is the day to rejoice and to break forth in Praise! The Angels of Praise are ready to back us up with heavenly sounds in the Spirit, if you would only allow the praise to roll forth out of your hearts, for it is the time to rejoice!

    It is the time to enter in like never before, in one accord, with a melody from heaven!

    Let the song of The LORD come forth. Let the heavenly sounds come forth!

    Let the Angels sing! It is beginning to rain! The Glory is beginning to fall. The dry season is over.

    It is time to bloom forth, to blossom. Let the Gifts flow. Let the River flow out of our hearts. All that has been dammed up be set free!

    Let hearts be healed! Let the body of Christ be of one accord. Unite, mighty army of God! Rejoice, for surely you have the victory! March forth. Let out a victory cry, for surely you have the land.

    I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy. His weapons are under your feet! Trample down every one of them with the voice of triumph, with the voice of joy!

    This is the day of Jubilee, of rejoicing, for the enemy has to return seven-fold everything he has tried to take illegally.

    Do not keep silent upon your beds any longer. Let the rejoicing flow for you have much to praise about in the coming days.

    Restoration is taking place at this very hour. Things you have faithfully believed for a long time are beginning to manifest and bloom forth.

    This is the time of rejoicing for the body of Christ! Family relationships are being restored and salvations are taking place.

    Limbs are growing out! Yes, you are beginning to run with the Word of The LORD! You are beginning to run, to dance, to twirl, to jump for joy, to sing for surely victory has entered into your households this very hour!

    I paid the price. I have redeemed you, and I have given you My Crown, My Scepter, My Armor, and My Word! Now run fearlessly covered with My Light, Truth, and take the land.

    Yes, this is the hour of My Power,” says The LORD.



    Clu Monroe


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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