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    Chris Williams

    I am your Comfort, and I am your hope, Children. Put all of your hope in Me, says the Lord God Almighty.  Let Me solve your problems for you and my faith will build in you.  My faith in Myself is what builds within you through patience (see James 1:2-8).

    Know that I hear your prayers immediately, and if I haven’t already, I begin to act on the unselfish prayers coming from My own humble heart within you.  It is these prayers that I hear first. Those prayers issued forth through anger, or the desire to hurt even yourself, are not answered according to your desires; but they are answered according to Mine, Amen.

    I move forward quickly to heal your heart and mind, and then the body of flesh. Know that all prayers given in love, especially for the sake of others, and not your “self” are listened to and action is taken immediately.

    On earth, these hearts rejoice in Christ’s  pure light and joy.  The holiness of God comes forth from these Beings during this time; these are left on earth now within God’s compassion for Mine and mankind, Amen, My Loves, Amen.

    God’s (1)Grace begins to fill the earth now, and never ceases.  This new way is My Will manifested in all My strength, during this time. My Victory is seen in this new way, saith the Lord, and I share it with you, Amen Amen and again Amen.  Love, My Love conquers all, even the worst of the worst, Amen.

    (1) GRACE: “… especially the Divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude [thanks and praise]… (Strong’s Concordance)


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