I understand this is a longer word, but I encourage you to take the time to read this because I feel this is a very important word to meditate on before we enter 2020.
There is a burning in my spirit so strongly right now as the Lord has been speaking this word over and over to me right now. The Lord is releasing scrolls of revelation and strategy that is going to set up the people of God for the next 10 years. God isn’t releasing revelation that is just for 2020. The Lord is releasing strategy, insight and revelation that is unfolding new vision for the next DECADE.
There is a MASSIVE extension of vision taking place and the temptation right now could be to just seek the Lord for “2020”. There is a heralding from the Lord right now to be positioned to receive revelatory scrolls for the next DECADE.
The Lord showed me that this is a very important last four weeks for the body of Christ. It wasn’t just an “invitation” from the Lord that I was seeing, it was a SUMMONING from the Lord to come before Him and make space and SPECIFICALLY sit with the Lord asking Him for the vision for 2020 AND the next decade.
The Lord showed me that because of the battle that many have faced in 2019 and having to fight through so much and journey through great transition and opposition it has left many weary and has left many feeling like they are ‘barely scrapping through’ into 2020. Those feelings and wounds are keeping the vision of many of God’s people SMALL. Too small, when God is wanting to release vision for 2020 and the next DECADE.
I heard the Lord say that the scrolls that He is releasing right now, the vision for the next decade, simply in the positioning of approaching the Lord and taking time to hear what He is saying for 2020 and this next decade, will see the people of God receive vision that is unprecedented and the breath of the Holy Spirit in the scrolls is going to revive, restore, heal and fill His people with joy.
I heard the Lord say:
“There will be healing in the eating of the scroll. There will be healing in the digesting of the vision”
No matter how big the vision is, now matter how impossible is seems, no matter how “out of left field” it feels or seems, listen, meditate and digest the vision. Agree with it for healing, revival and restoration is going to come through the receiving of the scroll.
There are going to be such profound encounters with Jesus and revelation of the Word of God that is going to take place through the release of these scrolls that is going to bring SUDDEN healing in hearts, minds and bodies. I watched as supernatural healings were suddenly taking place as God’s people were encountering the Lord and digesting the scrolls that He is releasing. What He has written and spoken over their lives and over the plans that He has for their lives, for cities and nations.
There is going to be a major increase of angelic visitation and encounters in the body of Christ in 2020 and this next decade where the body of Christ will understand in greater ways the role of the angelic in ministering to the saints and moving at the command of the Lord.
In the receiving of these scrolls through positioning and agreement of what is written within them, those that obey and receive them will begin to move in a realm of the supernatural that is unlike anything they have ever seen. This will not be wacky supernatural “contradictory to the Word of God” occurrences, but the Lord is going to open up the realm of the supernatural to His people like never before, that is grounded and founded in the Word of God and the people of God will be taught how to operate in the spirit realm through the gift of sight, discernment, encounters, dreams etc like never before.
These scrolls being released with strategy and wisdom for the next ten years are carrying significant impartation not only to implement and walk in what the Lord is releasing but also to “SHIFT THE SEASON” for many.
It is so important to not be distracted and to be positioned before the Lord and asking Him to reveal that which He has written.
In this encounter I kept seeing “foundations”. The Lord then spoke “The foundations that I lay through the revelation contained within these scrolls for 2020 are the foundations for the decade so they must be implemented correctly”
When the Lord spoke that I felt the fear of the Lord over me to steward what He is saying with His wisdom and to “take care” and not rush.
Determine to lay the foundations that God is revealing for 2020 and beyond, no matter how big they look or how different. Determine to obey the Lord.
“I have determined in my heart to obey whatever you say, fully and forever!” – Psalm 119:112 (TPT)
These new foundations He is laying are completely new wineskins where He is going to pour out the new wine and will carry His Glory that is greater than anything we have seen or imagined.
“Those that do not build upon the strategy and revelation./wisdom I am releasing will see the vision begin to falter in this new era. It is imperative that My people are listening and following in My footprints and blueprints to partner with Me to see the greatest move of My Spirit in their lives, through their lives and upon the earth.”
The Lord is revealing the strategies in these scrolls that are for EVERY AREA of your life and for the places and spheres you are called to minister in. Don’t just ask for one area, seek the Lord for ALL areas and ask the Lord for revelation on areas you haven’t even thought of, for there are new areas the Lord is going to open up that are written on these scrolls that you haven’t even ever thought of.
The Lord has set the table, the banquet is set before you to sit with Him and receive wisdom, revelation and insight unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard.
I heard the Lord’s voice thunder:
Don’t be tempted to put things off to write later, or trust it to memory. I felt the Lord specifically say to write it ALL down. It is VERY important that everything is written down.
God will bring about the provision that is needed for the vision, strategy and insight He is releasing for the next decade. There will be mighty provision that will flow that will see the strategy of the Lord built. You don’t need to worry or strive or ‘try to make anything happen’. Just say yes to the Lord and agree with His vision and strategy on these scrolls for 2020 and the decade ahead, and He is going to bring basket loads of provision, one after another, after another, after another. There will be more than enough and the Lord will bring about supernatural manifestation of multiplication that is unlike anything that you have ever seen.
I then heard the Lord say “Do not cast your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6)
The Lord began to share with me that the people of God must have wisdom in the sharing of the vision and strategy that the Lord is releasing for 2020 and the decade ahead. Be asking the Lord for wisdom (James 1:5) in whom to share the vision with for there will be many who do not understand the strategy the Lord is releasing. Do not be hasty in sharing the revelation He is releasing for the Lord showed me that there would be many who experience what Joseph experienced when he shared his dreams with his brothers. There is a spirit of jealousy that comes out of insecurity and wounding and not knowing the Father’s love and identity in Christ that would seek to ‘kill the vision’.
The Lord showed me for those that are moving slowly in wisdom, seeking His heart, He will show those who will journey the vision with you, your tribe and those whom you can share the vision with.
For these heavenly scrolls that He is releasing with the strategies for 2020 and the decade ahead is going to see the greatest opportunities of your life opening up before you. The hand of the Lord is going to move so profoundly that you will have so many moments of “Lord, how did I get here? How did this happen?” There are unprecedented opportunities that will be opened up to those who have agreed and received the scrolls, for the purpose of ministering the love, hope and life of Jesus and seeing the Kingdom of God extended and the Glory of the Lord revealed as the Gospel goes forth and the knowledge of His goodness spreads to the ends of the earth. (Habbakuk 2:14)
The Lord showed me that the MAGNITUDE of the creative strategy and wisdom the Lord is releasing in these scrolls for 2020 and the decade ahead will be so fresh and carry so much power and breakthrough that it will cause the SECULAR MEDIA TO TURN THEIR HEAD and report on these ‘unexplainable’, incredible, ‘never seen before’ answers and inventions to problems, issues and solutions that will leave them scratching their heads that the miracles that will flow in the secular world through the saints and the name of Jesus will be heard louder and further than ever before. This is a time unlike any other where the Lord is teaching His people to TRANSLATE the wisdom of heaven and strategy in the earth in secular arenas and areas to see the revelation of Jesus Christ, His love, goodness and power displayed like we have never seen before.
The Lord showed me that walking in the strategies and wisdom that He is releasing for 2020 and the next decade is going to reveal impurity. For those that walk in the strategies the Lord releases for 2020 and the next decade are going to carrying such purity and power of the Lord that it will be very clear who is walking in mixture and compromise and those who are walking in obedience to the Lord and walking with clean hands and pure hearts (Psalm 24:4)
To steward these strategies for 2020 and the next decade, purity, integrity and character are going to be SO important. These things are ALWAYS important in the life of a believer and in order to carry what God is releasing in 2020 and beyond there must be a place of purity of heart, integrity and character to CARRY it. It’s not from the place of striving, it’s from the place of intimacy.
These scrolls that the Lord is releasing with divine strategy and insight are going to UNCOVER areas of compromise and wrong alignment in lives. The Lord is going to reveal more and more where there has been a partnership, alignment and agreement with things that He is not leading His people into. Doesn’t mean they are bad, just ‘not for you’. There have been agreements and partnerships made and about to be made, that ‘look good’ but they aren’t for you for this season and the Lord wants to show you to step out of these alignments and partnerships because He has specific alignments coming for you in 2020 and beyond that are going to take you in the direction He is leading.
I heard His whisper “Don’t rush into alignments in 2020 and beyond. Linger and listen”
I saw many surrounded by voices of others saying “Yes, that’s the way to go… go!!” but there has been a feeling in the pit of your stomach where you just can’t “settle” on the alignment, on the partnership and agreement. Follow that and ask the Lord for these new scrolls as the Lord is going to bring confirmation and clarity to what He is saying WITHIN these scrolls.
The Lord also showed me that in the receiving of these scrolls for 2020 and beyond He is going to reveal areas where without even realising there has been an agreement made with lies and a ‘settling’ for ‘status quo’ that is not from Him. The Lord is going to reveal to you areas where you have settled for what others have said, what the enemy has said and what fear has said.
These scrolls are going to take you higher. The Lord spoke to again “Those who receive these scrolls will not stay where they are and they will not remain the same. You cannot stay the same in the revelation contained within these scrolls”
He whispered again:
“The KEY is to DISAGREE”
Whatever the Lord highlights where you have settled, where you have settled for less than what HE says, repent and then take a stand through your decree of the Word and declaration in the Spirit that you will NOT align with that belief anymore. That you will NOT tolerate that which has opposed your promise and you will NOT align yourself with that which means living LOWER than what the Word of God promises you and what Jesus paid for you at Calvary.
These scrolls are going to take you higher in faith. They are going to release the roar through you, the roar of faith that will cause you to break free of being aligned with these things that have kept you bound and see you move into the promises of God and OCCUPY and REMAIN in that which the Lord has written and decreed over your life for 2020 and this new decade.
The Lord showed me that in the agreement by faith and obedience to walk in what He is revealing on these scrolls for 2020 and this next decade there will be MIRACLE after MIRACLE where God’s people will see the Lord make up for YEARS of loss, trauma, pain and battle IN ONE DAY!
God’s people are going to have days in 2020 and this decade where there will be miracle after miracle after miracle in ONE DAY where lifetime pains, hurts, wounds, battles will END. They will END in a day by the power of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.
The blessing, provision, breakthrough, redemption, restoration and healing He will release in ONE DAY will not only make up for all the years of hardship, but position His people with more than they ever received, carried or walked in.
Position yourself before the Lord to receive these scrolls. Do not be afraid to walk in what He shows you. Don’t be afraid to change that which He says to change. Do not be afraid to alter the vision. Do not be afraid to lay down some visions. Do not be afraid to receive a new vision. Do not be afraid of the magnitude of what He reveals. It’s not your job to make it happen, it’s your job to say YES and trust Him and obey.
2020 isn’t just “another year”. This is the year where you will enter into the greatest decade of your life seeing the outpouring of His Spirit, the power of God and the Glory of God revealed in the earth and the name of Jesus glorified. You will take your place in your mantle like never before.
The Lord is summoning His people to the table to receive these new scrolls for 2020 and the next decade.