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    I just feel like this is the Word for those who are weary and worn and have a been through the trials of life for a length of time, and you wonder is this ever going to end.

    The LORD says,  “Though this has been a dark season, and it is been a long season, nevertheless My thoughts toward you are good.  

    My plans for you are good and though things have not looked bright and shining as you would have them to look,” the LORD says,  “wait and see what I will do.  For I’ve heard your prayers.  

    I have seen you weeping at my altars and I have compassion and I understand the pain that you’ve walked thru.”

    But the LORD says,  “All My children will be tried in the fiery furnace and will come forth as pure gold.  There will not be one who will be left behind,” the LORD says, “for you are mine and not one thing can pluck you out of My hand.”

    The LORD says,  “This is going to end.  These are the days of vengeance and these are the days of breakthrough.”

    The LORD says,  “I AM here, I AM here, and I’ve come to bring you through that place that you thought you would never get through, to bring you through that place that the enemy told you, you would never get through.

    Because you have stood your ground, because you have looked to Me, because you have trusted Me,”  the LORD says,  “I AM bringing you out.  I AM bringing you through and I AM bringing you out into wide place,”  says the LORD, “because I have loved you with an everlasting love.

    You did not fear the darkest hour.  You sought me with everything within your heart.  When temptation was trying to overtake you, you fasted you prayed and you looked My way, you trusted Me.  You sought after Me,” and the LORD says, “I saw all that, I AM here to save you out of all the enemy had planned against you, because of My great love for you.

    There is a new strength coming to the body of Christ.  As My word says, grave darkness will cover the earth.  It will not touch My body.  

    Grave darkness will not cover you in these last days, for you are the light of the world and you will shine brightly declaring My name, My glory and doing My works in these last days.

    A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden,”  (Matthew 5:14).

    Amen and Amen.


    ~ Gail Manizak

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