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    God wants us to press in and to stir up gifts that have been dormant. We aren’t to operate in yesterday’s anointing but are to press in for a fresh move of the Spirit through us! It’s been a long time where I was able to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. We must remember when God moved in the past and expect Him to move today in a greater way because He hasn’t gone anywhere. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are the ones that need to be made available and expect Him to move through us today!

    I remember when God used me before. I cleaned house for a lady for many years and she ended up in intensive care because the ulcer in her stomach ruptured and poison went through her system and caused a stroke. Yes, she almost died and her son was making arrangements for it, but I had a vision of many hands being raised up praising God for her healing. So that showed me God was going to move on her behalf. I was confessing to her neighbors and son that she wasn’t going to die but live and God would receive glory. The Lord had me pray over a little pink prayer bear and I gave it to her and prayed over her with the Lord giving me the words to decree over her. She was brain dead at the time with a tube in her throat. The very next day her eyes were open and she moved her mouth to me saying “where have I been!”. And then she said a large word can’t remember what but it showed she was not even brain damaged! Every day the Lord would have me decree over her and much more would He do than what I decreed. It was like walking in a miracle. Yes, she lived even though she was slightly blind she had faith for that. Her story was written up in The Reader’s Digest!

    Another time my father’s friend was dying of cancer and in a coma in the hospital and he wanted me to go down there with him. I was out in the hallway with Levi and I felt to go down the end to be alone and the Holy Spirit moved in travail and compassion for him. Not knowing my Dad was going to ask me to pray for him. The whole room was packed with his family and I was very shy but out of obedience I went into the room. Not knowing what I was going to say I walked over to the man and put my hand on his forehead and his eyes flickered. I felt Jesus in me as I walked over to him. When I reached out to pray, it was Jesus in me giving me the words to say and I felt electricity flow through me. The very next day he was sitting up in his bed and he remembered when I prayed over him. He said he felt the electricity. He got right with the Lord and with his family but then he died.

    Because of people who knew this happened they wanted me to pray for their father in intensive care. I held hands with his family around the man’s bed and prayed and they all felt that he was made right with the Lord’s saving grace and then he died.

    One time my Jewish friend had a migraine headache for days and I was over her house one night. The Holy Spirit wanted me to go lay hands upon her but I hesitated because she didn’t want anything to do with Jesus. The Holy Spirit kept prompting me to do it. So all of a sudden I said aloud “okay, I will!” Her eyes got real big and I told her that God wanted me to pray for her headache. I laid my hand on her head and immediately the headache left. She was amazed. This is the same woman I led her to the Lord the week she was dying of cancer. I claimed her salvation many years before.

    Many times the Lord moved through me praying over Levi. Once he had broken out with hives and a high fever. As I prayed over him I watched the hives shrink up and fever leave. Another time he had blue coloring all through his body and God had me rub my hand on his side where it was concentrated and it flowed out into the water of the bathtub when I strange odor and he never had that happen again.

    Yes, we must remember the times when God moved mightily through us in the past and expect Him to move in a greater way today. We are the same vessel he used before and He is the same God with great power. He said we would do greater works so we need to stir up the gifts within up with great expectancy to watch Him move. Lay hands on the sick and watch them recover in Jesus name.

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