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    Yolanda Ballard


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    Are we made in the image and likeness of God?

    What does that mean?

    Do we have creative power to be able to create?

    Yes, we are able to create out of our imagination that is sanctified by His Spirit. We do this through art.

    Some are afraid of using the gifts and qualities of the mind God gave us. I would be afraid too if I weren’t a born-again believer in Christ Jesus.

    The mind is powerful and has creative ability. You can speak things into existence.

    The enemy counterfeits the gifts and qualities God gave us. We are a spirit being but must walk close to our Heavenly Father with discernment.

    The enemy can stir up the powers of the mind and draw one into the wrong realm.

    The Church has become a mixture of good and bad in the Spiritual Realm. There is New Age running rampant in The Church.

    There is a mixture of sales in The Church that crosses over into mind control and manipulation, which is witchcraft. There is just as much evil in The Church and even more so than the world.

    When you become enlightened, which can be a bad term, because you have seen The Light, you have tasted what you can open up to, and if you don’t stay sanctified mind, soul, body, and spirit, you can cross over into the demonic realm very easily.

    Some are being transported or translated by evil powers because they will to be by using their mind. God has transported His people throughout The Bible and even today He has, but it was none of their own doing but was all by His spirit.

    We aren’t to be afraid of using our mind, even tapping into those qualities some fear, as the imagination.

    We have nothing to fear if we stay near to Him. If we remain open to His leading and guiding, we can rest and perceive His leading into thoughtfulness, meditation, and creativity brought forth through a sanctified imagination.

    Can one actually daydream and be led by His Spirit? Yes, we can. We can rest by streams of Living Water and bask in His Peace and think on things that are pure, loving, true, and of a good report.

    We can bask in His love and travel in realms of His love taking us deeper and strengthening us to stand bold against the evil one sent to steal, kill and destroy all God has ordained for us to have.

    We have the mind of Christ. We are set apart and sanctified to do His will.

    We have nothing to fear. We can trust our Father to give us all He intended us to have.

    Fear and religion rob us; Love and Relationship with Him makes us who we are.



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