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    Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. Jeremiah 17:7

    Seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened for you.  Ask and you shall receive for if you don’t show me confidence in asking, I will not bring forth what you desire to receive.

    Many hold in their heart their desires not truly believing that I would bring them forth.  They lack confidence that I even receive them and am willing to answer their prayers.

    If you truly trusted Me, you would run to me with every request.  You would cast every care upon me and not hold on to them and worry whether every need would be fulfilled.

    I am calling My bride forth that she would be confident that I would supply their every need even in the darkest hour that I would come forth and be faithful.

    I am in the process right now to purge the dross all that would hinder your pure faith to come forth.  I am bringing to light every care and every hindrance this very hour and making you willing to let them go.

    Let go and allow Me to be God in your life.  You need to quit striving to do it all in your own strength.  You need the energy to run and to hide in your heart My pure word that you may pour it out upon the multitudes.

    Keep your focus upon Me for I am the author and the perfecter of your faith.  I am the one who began the good work in you and I am faithful to complete it.  I am the one who woos you to my side and enables you to rest in My intimate presence and love.  I am the one who you can confide in and be real with me.

    I know you already but I long to hear you pour out your innermost concerns and what you struggle over in your heart.  Don’t carry it alone, My child, for I love you and I want to lift your load so it will be easy to carry.

    Rest in My presence.  Don’t fret about the future for I will not allow you to go through anything that I will not see you through giving you the strength and the grace to endure and to walk through victoriously.  Yes, this is the final hour.  You need to be real with Me for I long to pour out My love upon you and lift you up.

    You are seated with Me far above all principality and power.  Come up above that which the enemy wants you to be focused upon.  You are not a chicken scratching in the dust for you are an eagle soaring high with Me.  That is your position.  That is your goal.  Focus high and I will bring you through every trial and fiery circumstance with victory.


    Clu Monroe

    Awesome word.

    Kimberly Fowler


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