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    Ron McGatlin

    Communism is man playing God by attempting to create heaven on earth through suppressing mankind’s ability to choose anything other than communism. Meanwhile a hell of want, fear, and early death is produced by the “enlightened” leadership.

    Capitalism is man using his talents and abilities to produce the great wealth necessary to set the world free of poverty, sickness, and early death. Unlike communism, it requires liberty in order to succeed. When it fails it is our lack of love for God and other people above ourselves that is to blame, not capitalism itself. Capitalism combined with unrestrained self interest eventually produces Oligarchy, which in turn results in the rebirth of feudalism.

    Socialism seeks the end of capitalism because it’s adherents view the system as the problem rather than human nature. It redistributes money as a solution and ends up producing deep poverty and hopelessness by killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Socialism sees itself as democratic but reveals itself as a kissing cousin of communism when people become disenchanted with it, speak out, and resist.

    Systems are not the answer. The one and only way we can truly progress, move past the ages old cycle of violence and poverty, and see a world based upon hope, Love, and respect, is through the transformation of human nature. This is only possible through knowing God, repenting of the way we have been, and discovering the true paradigm for mankind. Being religious won’t suffice! If we seek Him we will find Him, a new life, and an awesome vision for our hurting world!

    Bob Kloppel

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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