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    God Says, “America’s Spirit Will Not Be Broken”

    Last month as I met with some friends in our home, we were in our fireplace room praying, and one of our friends said to me, “America has some broken bones within it right now. Just like when a doctor resets a bone, it can be very painful.” Not thinking much of that conversation again, just two days later while awaking from a good night’s sleep, I went into the Spirit realm and looked over America as if it were laid out like a map.

    I noticed a badly damaged man lying on the map image across the heartland of our country. I could tell he represented the Midwestern man of our day. Lying on his back, I could see that his bones had been badly broken. Observing such graphic detail, I started physically feeling slightly nauseated from the sight. (God didn’t call me to be a medical surgeon.) The injured man looked as if he had been hit by a semi-truck head-on while he drove a smaller car. It was one of those accident scenes you come upon and you wonder if the victims survived. Deeply moved, I fully awoke and then God said these exact words: “America’s spirit will not be broken.”

    Bones are support systems, designed to hold up, not to break. I remember when I was a kid how I broke my collarbone sliding on ice. The shattering pain went straight through my entire body, and for several months my life was altered. In the mornings, I had to lie on my back until my mother would come in and help me slowly out of bed. I couldn’t move onto my left or right shoulder (the broken side) due to the excruciating pain. This single fracture slowed my entire lifestyle for roughly nine straight months. This was just one part of the body; imagine several broken bones at once all throughout.

    The Heart of America Will Rise Again and Be Stronger

    What satan tried to do to America was completely shatter her infrastructure, breaking her spirit forever. The bones of America were badly broken over the past decade. Without a doubt, our country and many within have suffered dearly. Satan went after religious freedoms, peace within our land, the economy, politics, and just about anything he could get his hands on to destroy. There is one thing that satan could not do, however, and that is break the spirit of America.

    These words are a decree that America’s Spirit will not be broken. We didn’t break then, we aren’t breaking now, and we will not break in our future. Buildings may have burned, lives lost, the economy badly damaged, the infrastructure disjointed throughout, fires set in cars and on buildings, citizens jailed, mom-and-pop businesses destroyed, families forced out of homes, the elderly neglected, but none of this could break our core—America’s spirit! (Photo via flickr)

    Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand (Psalms 37:24 NIV).

    Christianity is the core of America! It’s the faith our Founding Fathers based our government and principles upon. You can take a Christian’s home, their job, their families and loved ones, freedom, money, and the church community, but if you can’t break their spirit, you cannot totally break them. America, your spirit did NOT break.

    You may be wounded, badly broken, tired, and beat down, but you still have spirit within you. When there is hope, there is a reason to live and fight again. Hope is like an unquenchable fire. America, you are a scepter of freedom and hope to the world. As long as a country has spirit, it has hope. America will rise again, and we will become stronger than before.

    The Great Physician is Systematically Setting the Bones of America Back into Place Again

    When bones are severed, the supports are cut off and connections aren’t present anymore. This is what has happened all through our country these past several years. Bones are infrastructure; when this collapses everything follows suit. Rome imploded from within before it fell as a superpower. The bones (infrastructure) of America will be restored again.

    I see businesses sitting down with farmers working deals to grow their land and bring greater supply to their animals. I see men and women going back to work in factories within the heartland of America. Back in my factory days, overtime was nearly required because we had so much work to do. I see overtime, paychecks, and savings accounts coming back into the work force again. Jobs will return, banks will be able to lend again, and small businesses will rebuild. (Photo via Flickr)

    Spirit Wins the Fight!

    Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV).

    I love dogs; we have an alpha male at home. We have taken care of this dog from the first day we received it as a pup. I held it in my arms for three straight days in order for it to feel safe and know my scent. From the time our dog got familiar with our home and recognized its eating spot, its true alpha-male nature quickly emerged. Our dog has remained the full-blooded “dog in charge of our home” ever since. You cannot remove the alpha male out of its DNA. I have seen this little nineteen-pound dog stand up to dogs over a hundred pounds, right to their faces, remaining fearless until the other dog backs down. How so? It isn’t about the size; it is the fight within the dog that matters.

    My dog doesn’t back down, and this trait was put in him from birth. He was born to protect, fight, and lead. This is the same for America. As long as we have breath within us we have the will to lead and protect. America is the most generous and free country in the entire world. Nothing can take this out of the heart of her DNA. America is the alpha male—created to protect, fight, and lead.

    When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus (Acts 4:13 NIV).

    America’s Spirit will not be broken! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

    Andy Sanders
    5 Fold Media, LLC

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