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    Ron McGatlin

    Most Christians still have a religious view, or even worldly view, of how God sees and deals with children—but HE SHOWS HIMSELF. God takes your children seriously. Every child should have their own personal encounter with the mighty God. When the Holy Spirit begins to move, amazing things begin to happen; usually children are all on the floor, under the anointing, but then they have amazing visions and are taken away, sometimes into Heaven.

    My husband David and I have had marvelous meetings and conferences with children and parents. It has been fascinating to see how God deals with various situations, and I’ve seen God use kids in very unusual ways, so I will tell you a few stories to show you what I am talking about.

    We were doing some meetings in Gerald Derstine’s ministry in Bradenton, FL, when the presence of God came down so strong. David taught for a while and then prayed for the kids and sat down, letting God take over. I saw children and teens taken up into Heaven, completely unaware of anything around them. A lot of the kids began playing instruments in the spirit like violins and flutes.

    (When people are encased in the presence of God it’s like you can’t go too near.)

    I was amazed to see a young girl, about 14 years old, begin to dance around the room. By her movements I could see she was copying someone. I had seen this before many times…but this time, the girl was raised about 2 feet off the floor. She danced around the entire auditorium, her feet never touching the floor one time. I followed her, and watched. After about 10-15 minutes she gently was placed back down on the floor, and she continued to dance a little longer.

    After the meeting, I asked her about it. “Oh,” she said, “an angel was teaching me a dance in Heaven.” When I asked the other kids about what happened, they said the angels were playing instruments with them. Some were singing in tongues who had never spoken in tongues before. We had to carry most of them to the dorms.

    The Light Up Cross

    On the same camp weekend, we were all in the auditorium. It was packed, and it was the first meeting, so most of the kids were rowdy and noisy. David has a great anointing for taking authority, so he got them still. I’ve seen many babies who started to cry in meetings, and David would just ask them to be quiet for now—and they would!

    Well, in this particular meeting there was a storm outside, and in the middle of David speaking, all the lights went out on the whole property. It was black inside the meeting room, and it started to get noisy. David told them to stay quiet and pray for the lights to come back on. A few started praying, and then from the back the kids started singing a worship song. It kind of rolled to the front, and there was a beautiful presence of God.

    Then all of a sudden, the room was brilliantly lit up by a huge Cross in the ceiling. The kids were laughing, crying, screaming with excitement, and falling out all over the place. At the camp afterwards, they said that there was no way the lights could come on only in that meeting room, and that there was no Cross in the ceiling. The other lights didn’t come back for another couple hours. Then the Cross disappeared. From then on every meeting was an encounter with the power of God.

    God will take over if you will step out of the way and believe.

    God Teaches Personally

    I have been amazed at the way God has dealt with kids in the meetings. I remember three little boys (friends) who were playing around on and off during the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the children stood around while David was praying for them. The three were still fidgeting and standing to the side, next to the wall. The presence of God fell on them, and suddenly they were stuck to the wall. Try as they might, they couldn’t leave the wall. They were calling out, “Help, Pastor David!” David looked at them and said, “I can’t release you because I didn’t stick you. You had better talk to God and see what the problem is.” He left them there while all kinds of things were happening to the other kids—healings and visions and visitations. (Photo via Kathie Walters)

    When the meeting was finishing, David went back to the three boys. “Did God tell you anything?” he asked them. “Yes, He said we were to listen when our parents spoke to us and listen when He spoke through the ministers.” David told them to tell God they were sorry about it and that they wouldn’t do it again. They did, and the next minute they slid down the wall onto the floor. Their view of God changed drastically after that.

    In another meeting when the Holy Spirit was moving strongly on the children and youth, a young boy in the middle of the crowd started calling out to David, “I’m stuck! My feet are stuck!” David asked him a few questions and found out that he didn’t want to get prayed for and was trying to go back to his seat. David said, “Well, I can’t help you. You have to talk it over with God. He probably doesn’t want you to go and sit down; maybe He wants you to get prayed for.”

    David carried on ministering to the other kids, and after a while, he went back to the boy. The boy said, “OK, please pray for me.” He was shocked that God was that interested in him to stick his feet to the floor. David prayed and he fell to the floor, and then he went on a wild chariot ride in the spirit, as far as I can remember.

    There was another really funny thing I saw… after a meeting, while David was praying for the kids, a young lad was laying on the floor and was unable to get up—even his hands were stuck to the floor. He was there a long time, and his baby brother was there and felt sorry for him so he brought some cookies, sat next to his big brother’s head, and stuffed cookies into his mouth. During this time, God spoke to the boy about something personal and then he got up off the floor and started praying for the other kids.

    God doesn’t see children as having a “junior Holy Spirit”—they have the same-sized Holy Spirit as you or me, or the apostle Paul. In the healing and miracle meetings, we have seen deaf ears opened, blind eyes opened, and broken bones instantly healed through the laying on of “sticky fingers.”

    In one meeting, two 5 year olds prayed for a couple. They were recently married and they were both born deaf and dumb. The little girls started to pray, and David told them to get the deaf spirits to leave. The anointing came on them as they began to tell the devil to go, and they prayed for the couple in tongues. Suddenly, like a light had hit them all, the couple was instantly healed. People were yelling—so excited—and all kinds of people got healed after that. It was like “healing bombs.”

    We have so many stories of supernatural things happening to and through youth and kids. They prophesy powerfully, get amazing words of knowledge, and love the spirit realm. Kids love miracles and signs and wonders.

    God loves to show Himself. We just need to believe, because God moves in our faith.

    Don’t just tell kids stories, let them experience God for themselves. Sit down and tell them that if they have Jesus in their lives, they can see and experience the power of God, the angels, and the miracles. Encourage them to hear and see for themselves. We have great material for teachers and parents and children’s Bible study books.

    Small Prophets

    I picked up 7 children (including my own) after church one night when we lived in Florida. They all came out of the church limping, although there was nothing wrong with them. I put them all in the van and drove them to my friend’s house. They were all saying they couldn’t walk properly. (Photo via Pexels)

    We sat them down on the sofa and told them to close their eyes and listen to God. After about 10 minutes, I told them to tell us what God was saying, starting with the child nearest to me.

    They all sat up, one by one, and prophesied:

    Child 1 said, “These people [church] said they wanted My [God’s] Spirit to come, but when He [God] tried to they didn’t like it.”

    Child 2 said, “So He [God] is going to leave.”

    Child 3 said, “…And the church is going to close…”

    Child 4 said, “…In two weeks.”

    (My friend and I were looking at each other, as this church they were speaking of was quite a good sized church.)

    They continued…

    Child 5 said, “The Pastor is going to leave…”

    Child 6 said, “…With another lady…”

    Child 7 said, “…And take all the money.”

    Then they asked, “Can we go and play now?”

    Sometimes God gives words like this to children because they don’t have a dog in the fight; they aren’t interested enough to think about it, and don’t even really know what they are saying. My friend and I decided it would be better not to say anything about it to anyone.

    You can guess, of course, what happened. In two weeks the church closed. The pastor ran away with a woman, and took all the money too.

    I could keep you here reading for a week or two, but GOD IS RAISING UP A GENERATION OF ANOINTED CHILDREN AND YOUTH. They are called for the Harvest. Train them in the anointing—get them to sit under the presence of God. Remind them every day, “There is a great call on your life”—it has a keeping power.

    Kathie Walters
    Good News Ministries

    Email: kathiewalters@mindspring.com
    Website: http://www.kathiewaltersministry.com

    Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to “qualify.” She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.

    Source: https://elijahlist.com

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