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    Kevin Barrett

    A word from the Father:

    My people, listen well to your heavenly Father this day. For you are now in a time of unprecedented miracles and movements of My Spirit to bring forth My will and My kingdom throughout the earth. Howbeit, I need your wills to align with Mine if you are going to be used by Me in these last and great days.

    Now listen. Does My written word not teach you to forget those things which are behind and reach for what is ahead, and press toward the goal of the prize of your high calling in Christ Jesus? So then, if there ever was a time for this, it is now.

    For I have birthed you all in the earth realm and called you out for such a time as this. And now is the time for you all to step into your destiny in Christ Jesus.

    Therefore, I need you all to make the declaration to forget what is behind you. Forget your failures. Forget your disappointments. Forget all that you feel has wronged you in any way. Forget and forgive all offenses that have been done to you, whether by a person, a government, or any other entity. Forget it all and step into the new. For surely I tell you; you have all entered into a new day in the Spirit.

    Now then, for those who have held onto or struggled to overcome your shortcomings and weaknesses of the flesh, give them all over to My Son Jesus. Now is the time to be set free from all that hinders you from entering into your destiny.

    You are all on the verge of witnessing the greatest of miracles and harvest in your personal lives. But for this to happen, you MUST let go of the past and reach out to what I would have for each of you individually and as a corporate body.

    I want you all to seek Me in what My will is for each of you. For your destinies will only be found in My will for your lives. Therefore, take no thought on My purpose for you because My thoughts and ways are much higher than yours and I will call many of you to areas in which you may not have any former education or training, both in the spiritual realm and the natural. So then, for you to accept the destinies I have for each of you, you MUST lay down your preconceived ideas of who you think you are and what you can accomplish. For surely ALL things are possible with Me as My Spirit empowers you to accomplish My will for your lives.

    Some of you are already in the position in which I will use you. As for others, I may need to move you to another place, which could be another city, another state, or simply another job or a new business. But whatever it is, you MUST obey if you are going to fulfill your destiny which I have for you.

    No then, for those of you who feel that I only use the most righteous or the most spiritual to conduct my miracles or to minister to others; you must lay this belief down. For I am calling all who are willing to be led by My Spirit in these last days. Of course, this includes your calling to come out from among all that is unclean and pursue righteousness. But you do not have to already be perfected in order to be used for My purposes. Only stay the course that has been set out for you and I shall conduct miracles through many of you.

    Now for all those who don’t know what your purpose or destiny is; just keep seeking Me and I shall reveal it to you. And once I do, do not doubt in your heart My ability to perform what I have planned for you. For absolutely NOTHING shall be impossible for those who have the faith and a willing heart to be used by My Spirit in these last days.

    My people, I love you all so deeply and you do not understand what is soon to come upon the earth. Even the most righteous will tremble in fear if they are not grounded by faith in My word and resting in My peace that surpasses all understanding. For even though it is not the end of time yet, it is on the horizon. And even though you have been warned by My written word that the last days shall be like the days of Noah, you do not understand what all was going on in those days. Many of you may be aware of the giants who once roamed the earth, however, that is not all that has been hidden about the days of Noah. Much will be revealed in the end-time and I need My people to be prepared. Yet for now, only do as I lead each of you to do and I will prepare you for all that is to come in the last days.

    Therefore, I entreat you all to get alone with Me and make a declaration to forget what is behind you and reach ahead to your high calling in Christ Jesus, no matter how impossible it may seem. Do this, and watch what I shall do within each of you. And 2019 shall be a year that marks the beginning of your destinies. I love you all dearest ones and only desire the best for you. Therefore, it is imperative that you heed this word to leave the past behind and step into the new. Do this, and you shall not be disappointed…..

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