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    Beloved of the Lord,

    This is a prophetic utterances that God is speaking to us at this time that so bare witness to me from Chuck Pierce. Then I added some commentary as God spoke to me about it.

    Monday, August 14, 2017

    Dear Finishing Ones:

    “Yesterday’s services were just amazing! From the first note of worship, there was such a powerful presence of the Lord. Since early Friday morning, I had been seeking the Lord not only over how to break through, but how to secure our future. During our early service, I ministered on “Finishing Well to Secure Your Future Over the Next Three Years!”

    “This is a time we must develop a new success mentality. Unless we learn to transform into our new identity, we will not overcome. During this process, we must never forget God’s goodness, and His ability to downpour revelation upon us. He is saying, “You’ve been working so hard to work out your situation that you’ve forgotten how good I can be. I can shift your thoughts to a different dimension and show you what you are trying to work out. This will be a week of revelation over My goodness!”

    Chuck Pierce

    My comments:

    The Finishing Generation

    By Henry Falcone

    Beloveds this is what the Lord is speaking deeply in my heart that the “Finishing Generation” is arising as “full grown sons and daughters” now on the Earth. God has been putting this into my heart every day.

    He is revealing in us our new and true and eternal identity in him to rule and reign with him and sit down next to him on his throne as he promised to all who will overcome as he overcame.

    In this time of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, a new revelation of an intimate Jesus with eyes of like fire and feet like brass stands in the center of our hearts to sup with us.

    What is he doing in this supping time? Revealing his full glory and power in us and to us. In this supping we are tasting and “seeing” the Kingdom of God and that He is good.

    He is good! He is excellent! He is Holy! He is full of love and mercy full of mercy so slow to anger forgiving sins to a 1000 generations

    It is true, He is teaching us to come into Him and Him with us for us to enter the true 7th day Sabbath Rest that He has promised for the true children of God.

    Yes we still face tremendous problems and situations, but he is lifting our head above our enemies as he did with David in psalm 27.

    The Lord reduced David’s life to one desire, and he is doing that in us as we hear the “come up here” war trumpet of Revelation 4:1. David said, “one thing I desire of the Lord and that I will seek after, that I may dwell all of the days of my life in your house, (your manifested presence) to gaze upon your beauty and sweet attractiveness and INQUIRE IN YOUR COURTS!”

    That is the new dimension of the Marriage Supper now available to us. The Lord is giving us the right to eat from the tree of life in the midst of the garden. It is in this goodness of deeper intimacy the Lord reveals those thoughts in us that spiritually lift us up out of the natural mind and understanding to receive the true mind of Christ, his thoughts reveled from the Father to us and in us.

    Then our head, as David says in psalm 27, is lifted up above our enemies and he cannot touch us. Why? Because we have mounted up on Eagles wings as Isaiah 40 says. We are in a new place to run with the Lord’s thoughts and walk in the Lord’s true plans and instruction and not grow weary or faint.

    In this season of the marriage supper of the Lamb, we enter the true rest of God. We get His mind, His instructions, His faith, His power, His anointing and His ability as we are emptied of all of our own strength. We become poor in spirit to possess the kingdom of God in reality.

    The Lord desires to give us “true success in the Kingdom mentality.” This cannot happen until we receive the full revelation of who He is really in us and who we really are in Him.

    All week long I have been hearing the Lord say, “Henry, you are royalty. Live like a Royal. Act like a Royal, Speak as a Royal, for you are of my Royal priesthood and Holy Nation.

    Jesus Christ was royalty walking on this earth. He is royalty on the earth today as He walk in his full grown sons and daughters. Though he was common and plain, a root out of dry ground that we would not desire him without the Father revealing who He is to us.

    To the world He had the aroma of death on Him that no one would desire him. Today His maturing sons and daughters also have the aroma of death upon them to those that are perishing.

    To those who will allow God to open their eyes, who will taste the goodness of the Lord in Christ Jesus, His aroma is not death at all, but sweet, beautiful and full of life greatly to be desired, in and by the Spirit God has given us. These are the ones to whom he says, “as many who shall receive Him, He gives the right to become Sons of God,”

    When the Father opens our eyes so see the true revelation of Jesus Christ, we begin to see Jesus as the Royal Son of God, King of Kings and Lord or Lords.

    In the initial process of salvation of being born again, we see His royalty from a distance. Now the time has come that He is standing at the door of our hearts and knocking with an invitation to enter the season of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

    It is here we will apprehend he that apprehended us in a new reality where our thoughts completely line up with his thoughts and his voice reverberates in us and through us.

    We must go on not just to apprehend that royal son of God to save us and free us from our sins, but we must go deeper in Him and taste and see the Lord is good beyond our initial salvation. We must taste the goodness of God as He is now being revealed as the Omega God, the FINISHER!

    In this marriage supper of the Lamb season, God is taking us more fully into Jesus our King and Lord as the Omega God. He has come to fully live in us in the full reality of the Kingdom of God as royal ones!

    As we sup with him more and more He feeds us with his true flesh and blood, He is changing us from glory to glory. He is revealing our true identity and purpose which is to subdue the earth and take our dominion authority that He gave to us in the garden.

    He does that by forming us into a Kingdom. That is what he is doing right now. He is not forming us into a church organization, denomination or ministry. He is forming us into a Kingdom, a New Jerusalem city, a bride all adorned in white that he can fully inhabit, work through and walk in on the earth.

    In this marriage supper the Lord is shifting our thoughts into a new dimension of understanding where the Lord will work things out His way and through His thoughts.

    Today, if we are hearing the Lord he is saying to us, My thoughts are not your thoughts. My ways are not your ways.


    Beloved’s this is time God is bringing a spiritual revolution in his true sons and daughters as he brings them into full stature or Christ. The mind that is in Christ Jesus is in us and is now aligning us perfectly will the full will and counsel of the Father on earth as it is in heaven.

    He is making us now a wheel within a wheel for his glory to fill the whole earth. Amen!

    Henry Falcone

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