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    Today I heard the Spirit say, “Watch! For February will be a month where the flood gates will be opened. That which has been held back by My hand will now break forth upon the nations.”

    Then I felt in the Spirit a great rumbling from deep within the ground. Then I heard the sound of a great rushing, the rushing of many waters.

    Then I saw flood gates opening and the mighty waters which were held back for a season, suddenly broke forth upon the nations. Then I watched as the mighty waters began to rise, rise and rise again. I watched as the boundaries of many nations were suddenly rearranged and realigned.

    I Prophesy: This is the hour for a glory invasion and divine intervention, the glory of the LORD is now manifesting in the earthly realm.

    Then I heard the Spirit say, “My power and glory is now forcefully advancing upon the earth. Watch, for nothing shall stand in the way of My shifting winds and My cleansing rivers.

    For I AM raising the standard in this hour.

    Now come up here. Come up higher and see what I AM doing, for My governing hand is now moving upon the nations of the earth.

    Watch, as My Spirit goes forth to realign and rearrange the boundaries of the nations. There is a greater shaking that shall give way to a greater awakening in the earth.

    Watch, My beloved, for an outpouring of My grace and goodness shall now draw, draw, draw many through the doorway of deliverance and salvation.

    The flood gates are opening!”

    Let me hear you say;

    Restoration has come to my household.
    Restoration has come to my church.
    Restoration has come to my town.
    Restoration has come to my nation.
    Watch! New hope is rising as the flood gates are opened!

    Resist unbelief, fear and doubt in this hour!

    Friends let us never doubt the plans and purposes of God. Let us fully embrace His will and His way in our lives.

    I Prophesy: That which has been spoken over your life in the seasons past will now begin to come to pass, and that which has been prophesied over your destiny will suddenly manifest mightily in this season.

    Keep focused on his goodness and mercy in this hour. I see him moving you fast forward as the flood gates are opened

    This is your season of greater fruitfulness, greater influence, and the fulfillment of your Kingdom destiny.

    Blessings to you all.
    ~ by Veronika West

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