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    Yolanda Ballard

    Word shared to encourage you
    By Yolanda Ballard


    If you will be faithful to Me by trusting Me, I will lead you through the storms of your life. You need to be still and quiet your soul and know that I am your God and that I know the only way that will get your through the storm safely. I know the end from the beginning and the way you need to go to get you to your destiny. When you take things in your own hands and try to make out your own plans to get you through, you can get into trouble because so many times storms make it hard to see clearly and to hear My small and still voice.

    I am strengthening you through the storm as you allow yourself to totally rely on Me and take My hand to guide you. Yes, allow Me to be your eyes because I see the way clearly. Its like I have X-ray vision in the dark a path lights up clearly for Me. Every step of the way My glory lights up a path through the darkness. And when you quiet yourself down, you can even hear Me singing over you songs of love and My desire for you to be with Me always.

    Yes, this is the day for breakthrough for you, even going higher in Me and deeper into My love. Be still and know that I am your God always to the end of time, as you know it to be for the end of time opens up a new beginning into My glory. Yes, eternal life begins as you cast off your cares, believe in Me, depend upon Me, and allow Me to be everything to you.

    Yes, this is the day of redemption for you and your family as you take hold of My promises. You and your household shall be saved. Do not worry whether they will make it in. Place them in My hands by faith believing that I will save them and you shall know and see it come to pass.

    Thank Me for prosperity as you plant a seed to grow in other lives to prosper so will you and abundantly. Thank Me for divine favor and health for by My stripes you are already healed. Don’t walk by how you feel but by what I say. Trust Me by partaking of all My promises in My word. Seek them out and apply them to your heart for they are like fine gold, the highest quality. I am all that you will ever need.

    So draw close to Me in the secret place and begin to really know Me and My love for you. I have so much for you to have in Me. And when you know of My love and faithfulness, you will never have to fear again for My perfect love casts out all fear.

    Open up your heart and allow Me to touch you and heal all your pain and all grief and give you My joy unspeakable and fill you with My glory. It all begins as you take My hand through the storm and trust Me.

    Clu Monroe

    This is lovely. Thank you Yolanda…

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