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    Beloved’s of the Lord,

    What an awesome time in history for those who are hearing the voice of the Lord call them upward to their spiritual position Jesus has made for them to sit with him in heavenly places. The Lord is bringing forth a people within a people, a church within a church of full grown sons and daughters, a bride of the Lord, over-comers, a man-child destined to rule the nations with him.

    Jesus taught us that his glory was the fact that Father dearly and tenderly love the son, and the son dearly and tenderly love the father. Jesus said the glory of God the Father is that he has given everything to the Son. Everything the Father is, everything He has, and everything He will ever be he gave to Jesus. This is what Jesus said his glory was.

    The glory of Jesus is that he has willingly and lovingly has given everything back to the father that the Father gave him as the perfect act of love. Everything Jesus was given by the Father Jesus gave back to the Father and that includes us. What a tremendous picture of what perfect love really is. Perfect love cast out all fear.

    Beloved, This is what pure holy love is, a love that gives all that it is to another with no strings attached. This glory is perfectly revealed in and through the Godhead as the perfect family. This is the same glory that Jesus prayed the Father would give us, so we would be one with them.

    God is pure holy love! How many of us today truly know and experience the depth of that love continually and allow that love to fill us completely? Are we allowing that love to lead us, guide us out of this world’s desires to live in love with only Him in a completely surrendered life given back to Him? It is time for us to enter the reality of this love as we enter into the marriage supper of the lamb.


    Many years ago in a time of intense intercession, I was spiritually lifted out of my room to a place where there was only the brightest light I had ever seen. Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Father say to His son, Son, I love you. All that I am, all that I have, and all that I ever will be is yours.

    When I heard this it was like thundering through the light. I wept and wept and was overwhelmed by His love for Jesus. Then in what seemed an eternity maybe 40 minutes later, I heard Jesus say, Father, I love you, all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever will be is yours.

    Again, I lost it and wept and wept. His voice also thundered throughout the light. Another 45 minutes later I heard the Father and Son speak together and say to the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, we love you, all that we are, all that we have, and all that we ever will be is yours.

    Again, I cried even more. Then the Holy Spirit replied back to them, Father and Son, I love you all that I have and all that I am, and all that I ever will be is yours. I was so overwhelmed by the perfect love they had for each other. There was no division. There was no separation. They were perfect harmony together 3 as 1.

    Beloved’s I was undone. Why was I there? Why did our God want me to hear this voice of love of speaking as the perfect God head? I believe now  the Lord wanted me to see and hear to understand who the full grown head Jesus Christ really is as the Alpha and Omega God that is now appearing to us and in us as Revelation chapter 1 declares.

    This is our God head (perfect love) that is now ready to be connected fully to his full grown sons and daughters. There is not one thought of our Head Jesus Christ that is not pure holy love and that love is His glory and it is the glory that He prayed the Father to give us.

    Each of these times were about 45 minutes long. I was so overwhelmed by their love for each other I could have stayed in this place forever physically, but there was more. Then a voice that sounded like a war trumpet to me lovingly but so powerfully said, “Henry, we love you. All that we are, all that we have, and all that we ever will be is yours!

    Now I was completely undone and filled with such a holy love I could hardly even breath. Lord, why are you speaking to me like this and why am I hearing this? But the only thing that could come out of me was, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I love you too. All that I am, all that I have, and all that I ever will be is yours.”

    Beloved, that is the moment in time that is now upon us. It is time for the fullness of the God head through Jesus Christ to fully manifest this love in his full grown sons and daughters so the glory of the Lord can be seen in the entire Earth.

    This love will do not only the miracles Jesus did, but it will transform the nations into the Kingdom of God on Earth through a pure holy love filled bride of the Lord. The nations are going to tremble before the Lord and his full grown sons and daughters.


    The holy love that God is now pouring out has to be welcomed and received in their heart by those who are willing to receive it. Jesus is standing at the end of the church age in Rev 3:20 and knocking on “if anyone” heart to have a new deeper intimate supper with them.

    This invitation is a call to enter into the marriage supper of the lamb that will finish the work Jesus has started in us. Those who will open up that door and let him in He will fill with the deepest love and glory we have ever known.

    The Lord also knows that His perfect love must grow and be developed in us on this Earth, and that only those who enter this marriage supper of Rev 3:20 can experience it and be changed by it. So he is waiting in anticipation for those who will answer his knock so he can then call them up as in Rev 4:1 through the door of heaven to behold Jesus as the King of Glory to be transformed by that love fully.


    There has been an ongoing spiritual preparation of a “people within a people, a church within a church” that has been drawn out of the “church proper” to be set apart by God for a deep intimate relationship with him.

    A relationship that is about to be displayed and has begun to be displayed on the Earth by those who have come into full grown sonship with the Lord. Those who are entering into this marriage supper with the Lord are going to reflect that very same light Jesus did when he walked on this Earth in a single bodily form.

    Today beloved’s of the Lord, there is a new corporate expression of Jesus Christ beginning to arises as a multi-member body of believers. They have gone through the desert time of preparation to overcome the world, the religious system, and all that would deter them from living in that pure holy love.

    Those who made themselves ready as a bride as in Rev. 19:7 have heard the inner knock of Jesus on the door of their heart and they have opened that door of the new intimate fellowship he desires in Rev. 3:20

    These full grown sons and daughters are now being lifted up from the “natural realm” to enter into the “Kingdom realm of God’s glory” as they“come up here” through the open door in heaven in Rev. 4:1 to see and behold the throne of God.

    These full grown sons and daughters are being filled with the knowledge and the glory of the Lord and they are burning with the pure holy love of God filling their entire beings.

    This pure holy love and glory of God is transforming them as Jesus appears to them as the Alpha and the OMEGA GOD! They are being changed from glory to glory and being prepared to walk in their dominion authority they had when the Lord created the Earth to rule and reign with him.

    These sons and daughters are now being positioned by the Lord to redeem the Earth with Jesus and possess their land until the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our God in Christ.

    The Earth has not seen such a sight and the world has not seen this expression of Glory in 2000 years since Jesus went up to heaven.

    Now is the time for the whole Earth to see the glory of God again in a purified, love filled, glory filled people. His full grown sons and daughters that are now connected fully to Jesus Christ the head of his body are arising with him and nations will come that arising as Isaiah said in chapter 60.


    Beloved, Jesus said “I stand at the door and knock, if anyone will hear my voice and let me in, I iwll come in and sup with them and them with me. This is an invitation to enter into the full realm of Kingdom life now. It is open to all who will hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. It is open to all who will answer the knock of Jesus on their hearts to enter into the marriage supping of the Lord with him.

    Let us continue to daily respond to the knock of Jesus to enter the marriage supper of the Lord” in Rev 3:20, and as we do we will enter the glory realm through the open door in heaven in Rev 4:1. Then we will changed from glory to glory and be positioned to be seated with Jesus in heavenly places. Then He will be able to work His kingdom dominion and power on the Earth through his full grown sons and daughters. His glory will fill all the Earth.

    Do you want his beloved? Then enter into all that the Lord has for us in this moment in history and hear his voice say, “All that I am, all that I have, all that I ever will be is yours. Let His kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is heaven.

    Henry Falcone



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