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    There has been an extreme measure of commotion among the netherworld because they know their time is running out. They know that every time they attack one of God’s children they rise back up with healing in their wings.

    Every time My children come under attack they draw closer to Me more than before and they overcome the attack and become stronger. You see they have the victory over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means can harm them totally destroying the power of the enemy.

    This is the day of the great apostasy but at the same time many are overcoming all obstacles to having a deep and committed prayer life for without it you have nothing against the enemy.

    Reside in My presence and I will lift you up over all the power of the enemy. Escape the clutch of the evil one by worshiping Me as a way of life. Speak out My word. Hide it in your heart for it is your sword against the lies of the enemy. Tear them down every time he comes to you with them.

    Rise up and be strong, run the race with vigor, cast off any chains that bind you with the key of worshiping Me. Make worship your way of fleeing and keeping the victory over all the snares of the evil one.

    Rise and shine for the Light has come and has risen up upon you. Yes, My glory falls upon those who are called by My name and truly are My ambassadors. Not upon those who just call themselves Mine but upon those who allow Me to live through them. They hold nothing back but are completely sold out to Me.

    Yes, the enemy knows who are a threat and have pulled out their big guns of war against them but continue to be bold covered with My armor of Light to blind the enemy.

    Flee temptation to sin for he is coming with strong temptation. Resist the enemy and he will flee. Resume your place of holiness. Be careful what you listen to and be discerning, walk circumspectly. Teach your children to do the same.

    Reach out and touch the hem of My garment and breathe in My abundant life. Rejoice for surely you have the victory says the Lord.

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