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    Yolanda Ballard


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    In repentance and perseverance you shall overcome. When you delight yourself in Me, even in the secret place, you enable Me to wrap My arms around you to envelope you with My love and enable My streams of living water to flow through you cleansing anything that is not of Me out of your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. This is the day I am washing clean My bride and purging to the surface all that is not of Me and I am skimming it off.

    I am enabling you to see how I would see during certain situations that you face. You say what would Jesus do and I will show you how I feel and how I would want you to think about things you face each day concerning people, trials and tribulations. Yes, I am purging the dross and making you clean and stripping you of all pride. I am training you to die out immediately so that My resurrection power can flow through you to touch others who are lost and in captivity from the enemy.

    Taste and see that I am good and partake of all My blessings I pour out upon you. I bless those who trust in Me, and I am bringing you to the place of perfect peace and trust in Me. Rest, My child, in My faithfulness for it is I who has brought you this far and I will carry you all the way to the finish line with victory. I say to you this day that you are My good and faithful servant and I am most pleased with you.

    Believe Me when I say I love you. Believe Me when I say that you have a hope and a future in Me. Believe that all My promises are yes and Amen. Believe when I say that I call all My loved ones unto Me to bask in My intimate presence and love.

    Believe and receive for I have an abundance of blessings to pour out upon you. All you have to do is respond with a faithful heart and draw near and I will fill you with My presence and My forbearing love, grace, and favor.

    For yes, this is the day for an abundance of rain to be poured out where you will be doing the greater works I promised you would happen. Be still and know that I Am your God and no other. I am the King of glory, the Sovereign one and yes; I have all things under My control. This is the day to just rest and trust for My guidance and wisdom to lead you.

    Remain silent upon your bed. Wait upon Me. Wait for My soon return. I have a work to do through you. Be alert and yielded and I will give you My orders to direct you in the battle. Repent daily, stick close to My side, and I will lead you in paths of righteousness, says your Lord and King.

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