Easter's Call

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    Kimberly Fowler

    Come to Him, all you who listen, and all that enter in
    the paths to hell and horrors there, the devil’s pit of sin.
    Without a spark of light or hope, the fires burn within,
    but greater still is Heaven’s ransom for all who call on Him.
    On Him was laid the stripes for all, the covetousness of sin;
    the greater glory He laid down so we might join with Him.
    But by His stripes we’ve now been healed and now His name we bear
    and by His cross of crucifixion now we His glories share:
    the best, the blessed, the place of rest within His bosom’s care
    a heavenly home just waiting for us, our place of dwellings there.
    And greater glories still are before us that we have not yet seen
    the greater scope of our understanding not able yet to glean.
    A greater weight of heavenly glory still waits for sons of men
    who’ll lay aside their own desire and cleave their lives to Him.
    A Heaven of wonder and delight, the depths we cannot plumb;
    The Spirit and the Bride are calling, and saying simply, “Come.”


    Sherry Mohr

    When I first read this, it was wow, awesome; but there was something about it that I knew the Lord was showing me. The word that came to me was “Ancient”. This poem the Lord gave you is like a treasure that’s been stored in heaven and has now been released upon the earth.

    Now, with that said, the Lord has been speaking about the wedding recently and He brought to mind how a bride, before the ceremony, receives something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I believe the Lord has given the “something old” to His Bride with this poem.

    God is Good! I’m watching for the rest of them, (new, borrowed, blue).

    God bless you Kimberly xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


    Kimberly Fowler

    Sherry, that is very interesting that you used those words. I had just read ‘The Priestly Bride’ by Anna Rountree and in her testimony (she visited heaven), she talked of Jesus’ gift to His Bride and He gave her something old, new, borrowed, blue. I had literally finished reading her book when God gave me that poem.

    (I read her first book – Heavens Opened-the text version free on Youtube, then immediately read her next book-The Priestly Bride. It gave me such a deeper hunger for God!!)


    Sherry Mohr

    Thank you for that; I got her book from a Chinese website; they have it online. I read it this morning, I really liked it. Did you find yourself responding to Jesus and Father while you were reading it? Some parts made me weep..LOL  God is good. Now, I have to ask, cause I did… did you sing the songs! I bet you did! So, thank you for mentioning the book, it’s a treasure. Longing for Him to come, God bless you xoxoxoxox


    Kimberly Fowler

    Sherry, the book I read on YouTube was like an audio book which read it for me and in some cases, the book would sing part of it, but I found myself stopping the different parts so I could meditate and pray over some of it (and weep too). God is doing such a work in me, don’t understand much of it, just “aware” of it, and getting teeny glimpses of some stuff, but I have SUCH a hunger right now just to be with Him. I just want to go to Heaven to be with Him, but then ironically I read Rick Joyner’s book, “The Final Quest” (also on YouTube free) which kind of went side by side with Anna’s books but talked of the great commission we have on Earth to win souls and be one with God here while we mature into becoming the Sons of God that will reign here and into eternity. So I really am into Paul’s scripture about longing to go home but it is better to stay to help others; my heart is pulled into two different directions. But the longing for God is also pulling me closer to Him as well.

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