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    John Lawler

    Sunday 4-28-19

    The Lord had me speak the following word over our church congregation yesterday and I felt it was not only for our church but for the whole church at large. I share it with you for your discernment and comments.

    The Lord would say unto my children. You want the more of me? The more of me comes through obedience and only through obedience. When you turn your life totally over to me and learn to obey what I speak into your hearts to do, not only by my word that was written long ago, but by the truth of My Spirit when I am speaking unto you. Many of you try to go your own way and do your own thing and try to make things happen in your own strength and your own power but that’s not the way of My Spirit saith the Lord. When I am in control of your life you allow me to take you and do the things I want to do with you. I am the one that will open the door for you not you. I am the one that will close the door not you. I will be the God to you that you need, but it is only through your obedience to the leading of my Holy Spirit, that you will ever do anything great for me saith God.

    You can share this word with anyone that you wish to share it with.

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