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    John Lawler

    Do You Know Him?
    Prophesy given at the Firehouse Church on 6-30-21 by Prophet John S. Lawler Sr.
    The Lord would say unto my children, do I have your whole heart or just part of it? Because if I don’t have all of you and if I don’t have all of the love from you, then I will not be able to be the God to you that I really want to be, in these last days. I want to be a whole lot more to each and every one of you here but if I don’t have your heart, if I don’t have all of your attention, if I don’t have what I need from you then you’re not to get from me what you need saith God. So now it is time to take a good long look at self instead of examining everyone else but examine self am I in right standing with God do I really love him for the loving caring merciful awesome God that I am or are you just knowing in your head but not in your heart? There is a lot of people who know me but have head knowledge of me but their heart is far from me saith the Lord. And so now it is time to do a wakeup call, take a good look at self and see where you stand with me and then you will know and understand me in a much greater way in the days ahead saith the Lord.

    This prophecy may be shared with whoever you want to as long as it is kept in its full content. Your comments are also welcome as always.
    John S. Lawler Sr.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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