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    The Lord tests our faith in hearing the call of the Lord upon our life and our determination to fulfill it.

    When Jesus’ mother Mary told Him to create new wine at the wedding, Jesus said that this isn’t my time to show My glory yet, but Mary knew it was time and spoke it into existence and Jesus fulfilled it.

    We are to be determined that even when it looks like an apparent “no” is being given to us, we must press it into existence the fulfillment of our faith in the promises of our Father led by His spirit.

    Also when the poor woman who wanted Jesus to heal her child, Jesus said deliverance is the children’s bread, but the woman said: “but even the dogs eat the scraps that fall under their Master’s table”. Jesus fulfilled her request because He saw she had great faith initiated by the Father.

    That is hard to understand why Jesus made a confession that sounded like it wasn’t His will to do something but after the one who confessed that it was, Jesus did what they said.

    I feel the Lord is saying that delay is not denial. When it looks like He is saying “no” and in your heart you know He has made a promise to you, be persistent for in His timing you will receive the manifestation of what you know you have by faith.

    Hebrews chapter eleven is full of those that wavered not in unbelief when it looked like they weren’t yet to receive the promise. And some died not “yet” receiving the promise! Yes, not yet, but God does not forget their faith, but somewhere and at some time His people will see the fulfillment of those promises of those who never let go of the faith He gave them.

    We do not walk by what we see but walk by faith. The spiritual realm is more real than the temporal natural realm. God’s ways are much higher than those of men. You cannot understand His ways with the natural mind because man tends to judge but He moves by mercy.

    Every situation is different, that is why we must always seek Him and never put Him in a box, which produces religion, and witchcraft, which is trying to manipulate God to meet up with our own agenda. Yes, we must walk by God’s faith and not by presumption, which is mainly manipulating God or witchcraft.

    “Yet” is a powerful word and we must draw it into the present by our faith and determination to not ever let go. When Jesus’ mother asked Him to create wine, He said it wasn’t “yet” His time but she drew it into the present by speaking it forth.

    Yes, faith will draw it into the “now is the time” fulfillment. Those with genuine faith will never let go of what they know they have and will draw it into manifestation.

    Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forevermore. The kingdom of God is at hand and we must walk in it.





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