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    Deep in My heart I have a special place for you to dwell to be kept safe, to be ministered to, to be refreshed, built up, edified. My great grace is poured out upon you there deep in My heart.

    I want you to bask in My everlasting streams of love there. Be refreshed, My people, and know that I am always with you even in the deep and darkest night.

    Many are experiencing a place they’ve never been before and don’t even know how they got there but I want to tell you that being there is not without waste. Every moment of your life there is a purpose for it building you up to be My people.

    You will experience what I’ve experienced. I share with those who are close to Me a portion of My sufferings so you can relate to those who suffer. You gain great compassion, which moves My heart and empowers you when you suffer in those deep dark places.

    You are not alone. You are Mine and you are pure and the enemy has no right to you. He is not with you there so give Me all your heart, soul and strength. Give Me your all and I will transform you and enlighten you to My truth like never before.

    So have peace those who are struggling right now. You have My mind. You might feel you are losing yours but I am only taking you through transition where you feel you have lost all control.

    Have peace and know this is a good thing. I am just taking you higher and breaking off the chains that bind you. This is the day that I am doing a transforming work in My bride and bringing her deeper within My heart, a safe place for you to dwell says your Lord and King

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