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    What is strange fire? It is a sacrifice offered up to God with wrong motives and/or with hearts not right towards one another. Remember Ananias and Sapphira! (Acts 5:1-11) God will not receive!

    Once I had a dream I was in a large room with a high ceiling and it was very noisy even though I was the only one in this room. There was masquerade masks floating around in the ceiling and at my feet were these little twisters. The Lord showed me these were spirits of hypocrisy and undercurrents of backbiting and gossip. I took authority of these spirits and commanded them out of this room and they scattered and swarmed out of the doors and windows. I ended up in another large room with a high ceiling and there was peace there and the words Bethel, the house of God came to me.  (Gen 28:17)

    Over the years I had been in many congregations where there was the same thing happening and during worship there was the sound of static and noise and much spiritual warfare that made it very hard to worship. The Lord has called me into worship intercession and I will stand in the gap for the body before the Lord. He doesn’t only see me but He sees the body breaking through. God told me there is much power in worship that He would use to usher in the end time harvest of souls, but for this to happen we must have right hearts before Him and each other.

    Worship is the key and the enemy fights us to have breakthrough because he knows we would be a real threat to his kingdom when we arrive to the place of having pure worship. When there is breakthrough in the spirit during worship the enemy fights even harder against this body and usually there ends up with a large church split. I’ve experienced these major breakthroughs so powerful that once I felt it knocked me against the wall and my husband felt it in the back of the room.

    There is great power going up during worship when hearts are made right. The Lord told me He was going to release His roar through His people, which is His heart cry for the lost. I see this happening where the body will be united around the world and the release of the roar of the Lion of Judah would go up and out. Powers and principalities over nations having strongholds would come down being broke by the roar! That is why the enemy fights us having unity and worshiping Him with our whole mind, body, soul and spirit.

    We need to be like the alabaster box broken enabling the sweet fragrance of the Lord to be released! (Mark 14:3) To have His resurrection power to flow through us we must die out to the flesh and live the crucified life. (Gal 2:20) It is not worth giving into the lies of the enemy and puffing our self up! Living in the flesh brings death but living in the Spirit brings the fullness of life. (Rom 8:13) Choose this day whom you shall serve! (Josh 24:15)




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