Day of Visitation

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    Kimberly Fowler

    (Always discern any prophecy with a prayerful heart and a spiritual ear)

    Blessed is the hope (assurance), blessed is the understanding that I give to men. For the end will come.
    Men satiate their (lack of) understanding with things of the earth which I have given to fools. God’s wisdom is from above which is peaceable, which is for eternity. I have given men wisdom to govern the world but they have corrupted it and brought to naught all I have given. Men’s minds have corrupted the wisdom I have given them and with it produce iniquity. Men relish the wealth I have lavished on men, not realizing it was for producing the gospel, not lavishly spending it on themselves. Men produce in themselves that which is impure. I have given them over to their lusts and uncleanness. They are a nest of vipers. Cast away the unclean thing from out of your midst. Cast it into the lake of fire where it belongs. I will have no unclean thing in the midst of you. Remove the evil thing. Let your thoughts not harbor it. For I will have a clean, purified people. Come, let the virgin be betrothed to Her Maker. Let the clean come forth and be purified. Let her be sprinkled in the blood, washed white as snow. Let her heart be as raiment, white linen, purchased from Calvary. Let the sinner within her depart. She has no place in Me, for I want/desire a clean, washed bride, undefiled before the Lamb.
    Come, My people, prepare your hearts, for the wedding supper of the Lamb is about to begin and all that have prepared their hearts, prepared their vessels, shall partake of the Lamb’s supper. I have bidden all to come, but few have entered. The Door is closing and will soon close for eternity. The time is now to prepare. Even now Satan is at the door preparing to enter into those whose hearts will not be prepared for My coming.
    Watch, for you know not the hour at which I will come; only those whose hearts are ready will know when I prepare to return and will have their vessels lit and ready. I say, “Watch!” And again I say, “Watch!” for the hour is near at hand and you must have your lamps lit and ready for the Master or He will pass you by and you will not know the hour of His Coming. Your day of visitation is near. The angels are ready and preparing. No man knows the day or the hour but must be prepared for it to come upon you.
    Have your lamps ready, your oil filled. The day of visitation is near!

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