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    Ron McGatlin

    by Yolanda Ballard

    Many I know desire to dance before the Lord but they do not think they have what it takes. All it takes is a desire and a yielded heart. I didn’t always dance in the Spirit. I have always been very shy around people. I went to a church where there were ladies who danced. It wasn’t what I was used to seeing. Many used to hop and skip in place but these ladies twirled and flowed by the leading of the Holy Spirit and you would sense a freedom upon them. I desired this but in the natural there would be no way I would do this!

    One morning these same ladies even though they were heavy they were graceful they didn’t allow their physical bodies to hinder what God was doing in their heart and through them. These ladies came up to me and said they wanted to pray over my feet so that I could dance like them. To myself I laughed. One year later during a fast and prayer with worship at the church I felt a movement in my Spirit almost like when I first received the baptism in the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I yielded to this movement within and I have been dancing ever since.

    Dancing is powerful. You are actually pulling down strongholds of the enemy and dancing upon his head. He doesn’t like when we do a holy dance. It activates the angels to dance with us! Every motion that we make we are doing it in power against the enemy whether you raise you arms and wave them, clap your hands, shout, or dance. There is a purpose in every motion. Many churches do not allow dancing I know because I’ve been told to sit down many times. I’ve been ripped up off my knees in worship and told we don’t do that here. When that happens, I grab my son and just leave because I will not allow anyone to try to make me quench the flow of the Holy Spirit. We must love God and obey Him and not man!

    The Lord loves to dance! He loves to take us by the hand in romance. He will lead your every step. And He loves to dance what some may call a “wild man” dance just like what King David would do. David became very undignified that brought embarrassment to those close to him. And at times when we yield completely to Him in dance the enemy will get real loud saying you were foolish and make you look at yourself whether you were graceful or not. He will do whatever it takes to stop you but don’t allow it. Go with the flow and never quench what is in your heart.

    For many years I would not bow down because no one around me would do it but I knew in my heart God was saying to do it. One day I said OK I will do it and immediately the presence of God was so strong upon me I didn’t know why I didn’t do it much sooner. We are to be a forerunner whether others will follow or not. We are to be a trail blazer giving others the confidence to yield wholly to His leading!

    I know when many were in the world they went out to the bars and drank a little and danced. They would go to the football games and act foolish and shout for those with a dumb football. But when they would come to church they put on a front that they are dead to life that they have to become so dignified and holy. Do you know what that is….it is religion! Religious spirits make you adapt to formalism and ritual and come under the dictatorship of a man controlling them!

    God said come out from the evil taskmaster of religion. Be set free of anything that is connected with it. Yes, and be set free. Who the Son sets free is free indeed. God said if no one will praise Him the rocks will! I don’t want the trees to have to clap their hands and the rocks praise HIm. We must take advantage of the freedom of worship we have today because there will come a day it will be all taken away.

    Delight yourself in His sweet embrace. Allow Him to take you by hand and twirl you and lead you in a dance that you will not forget. It is true that one night with the King and you will not be the same. If you desire to dance, step out to the leading of the Lord when He asks you for this dance. Take the first step and never turn back to the life of bondage. Yes, this is the day the Lord has made and we are to rejoice and be glad in it.

    Shared by Yolanda Ballard

    Many I know desire to dance before the L…

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