"Coronavirus: The Pandemic Is to Be Faith, Not Fear" Danny Steyne

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    Ron McGatlin

    “Coronavirus: The Pandemic Is to Be Faith, Not Fear”

    Danny Steyne, Andover, CT

    Vision: The Tall Ship

    I had a vision of a “tall ship” with its huge sails fully engaged by the wind that was driving the ship closer and closer to treacherous rocks. Panic was loose on the ship, and all were watching in horror at what their apparent demise would be. The longer it lasted, the more they became despondent to the obvious demise of their ship and their lives. Fear gripped them. I could see the marks on their necks of the “grip of fear.”

    A loud blast sounded from somewhere behind them…and then a voice saying, “All hands on deck! All hands on deck!” The stupor that fear had released on them was abruptly cut-off, and they turned and moved to their stations.

    Quickly, I watched hundreds crawling up the sails and jumping to the ropes to pull the sails in the opposite direction. It required the entire crew…risking limb and life to leap past danger and into faith. As they all pulled, the momentum of the ship shifted out to sea and into safe waters.

    Once they were safe, I saw them sitting on the deck and saying, “This was none other than the Lord who rallied us to our posts to turn our backs on fear and move back into faith.”

    Step Towards Faith!

    I believe the pandemic that has been sparked by media over the coronavirus has begun to run over into the homes and lives of the Church, but it will be faith and unity that will be the ultimate victory into defeating the most vicious virus that has been a pandemic much longer than this virus.

    It’s called “fear,” and it stops Believers from believing. It straddles them like a saddle to keep them in its control. It imprisons them in its clutches, and only a call to return to the “deeds you did at first” (Revelation 2:5) will release the faith born from love that will deny all enemies of the Cross any further assault.

    We must step towards faith instead of fear, now!

    A few hours later, I heard the Lord say, “And NOW, I’m going to unleash My superheroes in this hour. They will be bring this virus to a full stop, and because of the way it will be suddenly stopped, many will believe in Me. They will move by love accompanied by faith, unknown to men but known by God.”

    Danny Steyne
    Mountain Of Worship
    Email: Click here
    Website: http://www.themountain.org

    Danny Steyne is about the Mountain…the Mountain of the Lord, recoined by Jesus as the Kingdom of God. He doesn’t live for his ministry but for the ministry of Jesus throughout the earth. His purpose is to release this message and the impact of it wherever he goes. Danny has been in ministry as both pastor and father to many. Through forty years of ministry there have been many miracles, healings, and signs and wonders, but his heart’s intention is to bring people into an intimacy with Jesus and into passionate and effective love for the lost and the found. He travels throughout the world carrying this message of love, joy, freedom, and hope. He is married to his best friend, Karen, and they lead together in New England as they watch the Mountain of the Lord emerge around them. They are parents to many children, both naturally and spiritually around the world.

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