Confronted by Holy Love: A few comments and a testimony. Henry Joseph Falcone

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    Ron McGatlin

    Confronted by Holy Love: A few comments and a testimony. Henry Joseph Falcone

    My deepest thanks to Ron for his hearing ear to our Lord’s heart to help us transition from the church age to the Kingdom age. I pray that we all continue to allow the Lord to purify our hearts in our confrontation with pure Holy love.

    I know what Ron wrote is the reality of what our God is doing right now to truly establish the kingdom of God in our hearts. There is no power of His kingdom reality in our lives without the Truth. There is no Kingdom fruit produced without each us being confronted by Holy Love. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to the Father, or his kingdom accept through him who is Pure Holy Love.

    I was reminded of an awesome moving of the Holy Spirit with the youth in Greeley Colorado about 10 years ago. It would take to long to write about these three days of deep encounters with God, and the work he did in us. But in these 3 days of being with Him I can now see was a “forerunning” taste of which was to come now. I didn’t begin to understand all that He did those 3 days until now and how significant and prophetic hose gatherings were. I am not sure I even do now.

    The Holy Presence of God:

    The presence of God came in such power after a little boy 10 years old responded to the Lord’s drawing. A little boy name David with a heart like David was the first to respond to the Lord’s call. That night the Lord had me tell a group of pre-teens and teens and their parents, that the worship was not to be a “service type or style as they experience in a normal church service.”

    I felt the Lord instruct us to come and just love Him with all our hearts. I told them I was NOT going to be playing or singing Christian songs like in church, but was going to sing personal love songs to him. I said, we won’t be clapping our hands or dancing but just love on him and when you feel his presence to respond. I was going to sing lovey dovey music like between a husband and wife to the Lord. I honestly thought they would not respond.

    What happened next I would have never believed. A little 10 year boy came, and he laid broken in tears before the Lord and just loved him. He cried out how much he loved the Lord. He cried, I so love you Jesus. I so love you Father, and with tears the power of love confronted him, and he was convicted by the Holy Spirit to see what was really in his heart.

    Beloved, The Lord came to chasten him, correct him, and instruct him, and he became an example to us. Would we allow the Lord’s holy love to confront us and our real spiritual condition as well?

    What did this little boy experience? He experienced the pure holy love of God that confronted his true spiritual state even at 10 years old. God is no respecter of persons.

    In that moment this little boy saw his sins and condition in the light of God’s holy love. He saw the truth of his real state before God and he cried and cried in the presence of the Lord and repented. His heart was broken before God and like Isaiah he cried out he was undone. A boy of 10 years undone by the true confrontation of God’s Holy and pure love.

    He saw what is real hearts motives were and with anguish and travail he cried out for God’s love and mercy to heal, deliver, and restore him. My heart was ripped open as well in that moment for God began to do the same work in me at that moment and I was also undone, I had to go and lay next to him for God to do that in me too.

    Beloved, at that moment I sure thought God had probably got it all out of me, but now 10 years later, I know it was just a foretaste for this moment in time for God’s purposes to be revealed in all of us. God’s intention is for his people to walk in the fullness of true kingdom life now on the Earth as full grown Sons and daughters, and for the kingdoms of this Earth to become the Kingdoms of our Lord and Christ .

    The amazing thing was the “chastening of the Lord” was welcomed by a little boy who had no idea what that even was. He came as a child because he was one and that is what God needed to teach all of us adults in the room on how to approach him and His kingdom. With joy and godly sorrow this young man truly repented, and I now understand that he experienced the first be-attitude. Blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.

    Pride blinds our eyes and blocks us from the truth:

    Beloved, Pride blinds our eyes us to the kingdom. Pride blocks us from the true work of the Kingdom to purify our heart’s motives with pure holy love. Pride comes before the fall. The chastening work of the Lord comes to deal with that pride. The pride that may refuse to see or embrace the truth of our real spiritual condition before a holy God.

    Religion can blind our eyes so much. It can cause us to see only from our own perspective. When we do that we form mindsets that set ourselves up as our own judge and jury. When God tries to correct us, we say that is not in me. I am not like that. With great tears and brokenness before the Lord I know I was guilty of doing that to the Lord.

    There are things that may be remaining in our hearts that block us from experiencing the pure love of God and His kingdom. So, he must confront us with his love if we truly desire to be changed from glory to glory.

    I wish I would have learned quicker what God was doing back then at those meetings it may have saved me from heartache I did not need to go through at least from my perspective.

    Yet when I was faithless, God remained faithful to keep at work in me both to will and to do his good pleasure even when it seemed I didn’t want it. His love is surely stronger than death. His love would not allow me to stay where I was. His love had to confront me if I truly desired to be His and His alone.

    Pain turned into the Joy of the Lord:

    Beloved, There is pain when God chastening work is embraced, but it is only the pain of becoming naked before the Lord. What do I mean by being naked? It is seeing the true condition and motives of your heart in the light of God’s pure holy love.

    In the year King Uziah died, Isaiah cried, I saw the Lord and He was high and lifted up and his train filled the temple. When Isaiah saw the Lord “his heart condition” was exposed before God’s perfect love. That Man of God could only cry out, I am undone, I am a man or unclean lips amidst a people of unclean lips.

    The true chastening of the Lord bring the Spirit of Truth to the depth of our heart. The Spirit of truth that must convict us of sin, righteousness and judgment. This is the work of Holy love but more.

    His work is not just to convict of our sin and our present heart condition before the lord, but his work is to come and completely remove the power of sin from our lives and the damage it has done upon our minds, will, emotions and body.

    It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. For this purpose was the Son of God made manifest, that he may destroy the works of the devil. This little 10 year boy received the kingdom that night and it’s true work. He was undone and so was I and many others who came.

    Open up their eyes Lord:

    The intensity of God’s chastening was so strong in this gathering that a 12 year old boy named Joshua, started travailing in tears and rocked and shook in his place for over 4 hours with a prophetic message given to us all. His message, “Open up their eyes Lord, you are the way, the truth and the life.”

    Beloved’s I can still hear his voice echoing those words until today. So powerful did the Holy Spirit of love come in our midst that the other youth ran up to be near us, and the chastening work of God came to them. God showed all who came up like David their true spiritual condition. Honestly we were poor, blind, pitiable and naked before the Lord.

    What an awful thought about our condition but it was the truth before a Holy God. We were blind, and his prophetic word through young Joshua was, open up their eyes. Why? Because He is the way the truth and the life. We were all Christians, one would have thought the reality of that verse would be our life experience but it was not. God knew it and we didn’t!

    Youth leaders were in tears hugging each other, repenting to each other. Parents and children were in tears repenting to each other. Brothers and sisters were asking for forgiveness from God and from each other for what they did to each other. The adults didn’t lead this work of the Spirit, God chose the youth to lead it.

    I understand now that God gave us a “foretaste” of what was to come and is now here. The chastening of the Lord is God’s love confronting us with true reality. It is His love, His eyes, and His heart penetrating the deepest recesses of our hearts where the enemies work and leftovers of sin still may remain. We were undone.

    Beloveds, These are the things that have held us back from truly experiencing the love of God and His kingdom reality. These are the things that held us captive by religious and other powers of darkness that influenced our thinking away from the glorious Kingdom of God reality. I know it is true, for those things kept me from it’s reality as well.

    Removing every spot and blemish:

    The chastening of the Lord comes because there still may remain some blind spots in our hearts where we can’t see our spiritual condition. Areas of our life that the work of the devil has hardened our heart to the truth of God’s holy love. There could still be hurts, wounds, and damage done by the enemy in our human reasoning, spirits, and emotions that has blocked us from the true full knowledge of God’s love.

    The chastening and scourging of the Lord comes to helps us get ready to face the “truth” and not run away from it. The world system and it’s “Un-love” system has so rejected us most of our lives and has tried to destroy our true value.

    This is a strategic strategy of the enemy. If we allow our failures, others failures, or our misdeeds or theirs to fester in our hearts, our hearts become hardened by sin. They can become so hard we can’t see clearly or we can’t hear God clearly. This is when the Lord must come and intervene in our lives and bring His chastening to us. He works by allowing circumstances and trials to come for us to make a choice.

    What will we do when we are confronted by the truth of pure holy love? Will we come to Him or run away from him? Whatever choice we make rightly or wrongly in that confrontation of love will determine if will be become wheat to be gathered or chaff to be burned. The choice we make when we are confronted by pure holy love will shape our true destiny one way or the other.

    Loving the Truth that sets us free:

    You can’t love the “Truth” until you can face the “Truth!” Joshua cried out, “Open up their eyes Lord, you are the WAY the TRUTH and the Life.” He prayed that prayer for over 4 hours or more. Why did the Lord use this boy as such a prophetic voice only being 12 years old

    This is not easy to see but the reason may be because our hearts, specially the adults hearts in that room were hardened by sins deceitfulness. Who really wanted to admit that? We usually won’t admit that until we get confronted by God’s Holy love. Beloved, we will continue on with life as usual unless that confrontation with Holy love comes.

    Jesus is coming for a Bride WITHOUT spot or blemish, and now is the final season of God’s work to remove them. This is the “omega” or finishing work of God. This confrontation of God is not to hurt us, but to complete us. It is not to destroy us, but to destroy the works of the devil. It is to work so deep in our hearts that Jesus testimony would be ours. “The prince of this world comes but he finds no place in me.”

    It is this completed full grown work of god in us and our testimony as sons and daughters of God that will transform this world by the holy love of Jesus. They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. Doesn’t that take on a new meaning now?

    King and Priest of the Most High God:

    This is the testimony that we must have to rule and reign with him as Kings and Priests now on the Earth, and to see the Kingdom of this world be changed into the Kingdom of our God in Christ.

    I was reminded of that day in Colorado as I read Ron’s post. We were confronted by Holy love and we had a choice to make. We could either hide like Adam and Eve did and hear the Lord say to us, “Adam where are you?” or we could run to him the true tree of life?

    Do we need God to pry the truth out of us as He had to with Adam and Eve when they were caught in their sin? Or are we willing to fall upon the rock instead of the rock fall upon us in true and genuine time of repentance and cleansing?

    Beloved’s, We can continue to see ourselves as being naked and hide from the presence of Holy love, or we can run to His presence with every fiber of our being and become undone as Isaiah did, and our little 10 year old David did in Greeley, Co.

    If we follow their footsteps when God’s confronts us with His pure holy love the suffering process of seeing the truth about ourselves becomes a joy and blessing as our hearts are now ready to be truly healed and set free. Instead of living and seeing the pain of our past and our failures we can begin to see the love and joy of eternity in His Kingdom love.

    Our real spiritual condition:

    The only pain I have seen in God’s chastening love is the pain of truly seeing our hearts real condition. This pain is designed to bring us to receive God’s chastening as his love for us not to harm us but to change us from glory to glory. We must be willing to see our hearts, our lives ,as they really are before our Holy God.

    We must be able to acknowledge our true spiritual condition before him and to seek Him as our vital need. We must like our little 10 year old brother David become undone and cry out with true repentance before the Lord and allow His sword to separate soul from spirit and set us free.

    The message of the Kingdom begins with one word, “REPENT” Then Jesus said, “for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

    God’s confronting love is here to cause a real true repentance and brokenness before Him. It has come to empty us of all the old, our old strength, our religious understanding of God and His kingdom until all that is old passes away and all things become new. How can a “new Heaven and Earth come” when we live our new life as our old life?

    If any man be in Christ He is a new creation. We have all claimed that scripture judicially, but now it must come forth experientially. The word must become flesh and dwell in us.

    This confrontation of Holy love will end our lives as we have known them to be. It will end any desire for it. It will remove every attachment to this world, it’s thinking, reasoning and living. It will cause us to come out from among them my people, and it will cause never to touch the unclean things of this world so God can receive us as full grown sons and daughters.

    What we experienced 10 years ago as a foretaste is now hear like a river to all who will open their heart to Him. His work of chastening us and His divine confrontation with pure holy love will be the greatest work of God we have ever known. He will give us beauty for ashes and joy comes in the morning if we will embrace the confrontation of love!

    There is pain we must face in this holy confrontation The pain is facing the truth about our true spiritual condition as God sees it. Honestly in that moment, it may seem almost unbearable. In that moment you may feel if the Lord doesn’t come you would surely die.

    Beloved, that is the pain of the confrontation, to see yourself as you really are. It is the real death that Paul knew when he said, “I have been crucified with Christ, but nevertheless I live, but not I, but Christ now live through me, and the life I now live I live by faith in the son of God who loves me and gave himself for me.”

    Yet even David said in his time of divine confrontation, “I would have fainted if I did not believe I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”

    Come to me all ye….

    Beloved, let us not run away from Him in this time of God confronting us with His pure Holy love. Let us not be afraid for him to search the inner recesses or our hearts to try and test and purify our motives. Let us run to Him! Let His love come and set us free.

    When He find those motives impure and show us what is burried in us or the scars that still remain, don’t hide, don’t run away in fear, but repent and turn to Him and ask for forgiveness and for his power to come and purify our hearts. For He has come to destroy every work of the devil in us.

    Every single work and all the damage his work of done will be destroyed and removed by the power of pure holy love until all things are made new as He promised.

    To all those who will embrace this confrontation of Holy love there is a promise from the Lord to them. For as many that will receive Him, He will give them power to become sons of God. Amen!

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