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    Ron McGatlin

    “Come Off of the Sidelines and Get Into the Game!”

    Melissa Pearce, Export, Pennsylvania

    For those who have felt sidelined this past season, God has a direct message for you: “Get ready to come off of the sidelines and into the game!” In the past season, where you have felt overlooked or forgotten by God, He never lost sight of you. What you did not realize is that God allowed circumstances to take you through His “training camp.” The intensity was severe but pertinent to the next season of your life.

    The enemy wanted you to believe that God had sidelined you because He was punishing you. Condemnation clouded your hearts and minds making it difficult for you to hear God’s voice. You thought that God had given up on you, but not so. God is for you!

    The “New” Is Now!

    The last season was God’s training ground for you to press into Him differently. He is training your eyes and ears to see and hear Him in a fresh and new way. “New” means that you have never experienced it in a particular manner. “New” also refers to something that has always been there, but one is experiencing it for the first time. You are coming into the new. The new is now. The time is now for you to come off of the sidelines and into the game with Him. (Photo via Unsplash)

    The enemy wanted you to believe that this past season would crush you, but God used it to strengthen you. The enemy tried to discourage you, impressing upon your heart that you have nothing to offer, that your voice does not matter. Well, the enemy has overplayed his hand with you.

    Get Into the Game!

    What you interpreted as rejection by God in this past season was a plight of the devil to have you remain on the sidelines. God needed you to discover that He always accepts you through Christ Jesus. If we do not get this fundamental truth down, we will not excel in the opportunities God has for us. “Being in the game” starts with a fresh revelation of our position with God.

    Despite all you had endured, your diligence to pursue God has trained you. Even when you didn’t recognize the changes occurring within you, God knew.

    As you step into the game, see yourself as prepared. When trials, hardships, and challenging responsibilities arise, activate your warfare-worship. You are empowered to do the unthinkable and unimaginable. Right now, this very moment is yours. Take your rightful position and possess all God has for you.

    “You’ve trained me with the weapons of warfare-worship; my arms can bend a bow of bronze. You empower me for victory with Your wraparound presence. Your power within makes me strong to subdue. By stooping down in gentleness, You made me great! You’ve set me free, and now I’m standing complete, ready to fight some more! I caught up with my enemies and conquered them and didn’t turn back until the war was won!” (Psalm 18:34-37, TPT) (Photo via Snappy Goat)

    You Are God’s Game-Changer

    Every position is essential in God’s game. Realize you are valuable to God, and He is calling you to get into the game with Him. You carry the heart of the Father, and your voice matters. He wants to use you to help set others free.

    You are the game-changer that God is going to use for His glory and honor. Everything will shift when you come from the sidelines and into the game with Him!

    Melissa Pearce
    Enduring Hope Ministries

    Email: contact@enduringhopeministries.com
    Website: http://www.enduringhopeministries.com

    Melissa Pearce is an ordained reverend, evangelistic preacher, teacher, speaker, encourager, author, leader, and a woman after God’s heart. Through her book, Unveiling Jesus: 365 Daily Devotional Through the Gospels, authored Bible studies, YouTube, Facebook teachings and more, Melissa teaches how to trust Him and realize our value in Christ Jesus. Driven by Ephesians 3:17 and inspired by the Lord’s call to encourage, love and minister, Melissa established Enduring Hope Ministries in 2010. Above all, Melissa’s mission is to empower women of all generations to find their identity in Jesus Christ so that they can see their self-worth through His eyes. Like many women, Melissa has battled with insecurity, but through God’s love, she’s silenced those lies that stole her confidence, and she wants to help others do the same.

    Source: https://elijahlist.com

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