By Lana Vawser

Women of God, those of you that are waiting upon the Lord and contending for pregnancy, the Lord spoke to me recently and said “The children of promise are being released.” I saw baby after baby after baby being released from the hands of the Lord with angelic hosts onto the earth and into the wombs of many.

These “children of promise” for many women are a prophetic picture of the beginning of a new season of promises fulfilled and increase.

The enemy has come against these “children of promise” intensely, but there are supernatural conceptions that have been taking place and will continue in greater increase in this season. These “children of promise” are a prophetic picture of the birthing of new life, joy and healing in this season and beyond.

The Lord is breathing increase on many families and the enemy is coming against the promise, but stand firm, breakthrough is upon you.

SUDDENLY supernatural conceptions are going to take place with greater increase in this season and there will be a great increase of testimony of supernatural pregnancies. God will THWART the plans of the enemy to ABORT.

Right now, the Lord is highlighting EXPECTANCY in many different ways. The expectancy of hope, good things, breakthrough and birthing, but there is also a SUPERNATURAL EXPECTANCY of the “children of promise” that will be a testimony from the mouths of many women in this season.

Daughters of God, those of you who have been contending and believing for your “child of promise” with your husband, don’t give up. The Lord has heard your cries and He has not turned a deaf ear. Many long battles and cycles are coming to an end, and I saw some of you having a “September to Remember” with the reception of your “child of promise”.

Your “Isaac” is coming to you!