Canada’s healing stream.

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    David Hood

    Hi, I’m David Hood from the North East of England

    Ive been born again for 30 years. Hallelujah!

    In September 2006, whilst in prayer in the United Kingdom where I live. I saw the outline of the country of Norway. Standing on Norway’s soil, facing and looking west stood the Lord Jesus. I saw from where He stood, a healing stream, sweep forth across the ocean between Norway and Greenland and landing, streaming across Greenland’s south western corner.

    I am not sure how much if any of Iceland was affected. It continued on across the North Atlantic and landed on the areas of Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Though Quebec is adjacent to these areas, I was not certain how far west the healing flow would go. Likewise, the Baffin Island area. But I “knew” that the Lord would cause healing streams, to land and touch these lands and countries. May it be so Lord, in your name. Amen

    Very recently an administrator of a prophetic site for the UK used this … as a pointer within another word from someone else. I had sent it to him in 2007, but he chose to use it this last few  weeks. I had not mentioned it to him since 2008. Which makes me feel, sense , now is the better time for its further release.

    also … I am finding, words from the same era as this word, are finding fulfilment now.

    I hope as well, that as a result of posting it here, some of Canada may hear and be enlightened … and of course, finding their OWN hope, and  be HEALED. Giving God ALL the glory he deserves.

    best regards

    David Hood

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    Ron McGatlin

    Amen: Thanks David for posting this. It is time!

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