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    Be still and know I am your God. If you listen, you can hear Me calling your name in the still of the night. While you are dreaming of other things, I am waiting upon you to call out to Me, to call My name. Yes, I want to commune with you.

    It is so important to know Me, not to just know about Me but to commune with Me. I am the way, the truth, and the life but you must take Me by the hand so I can lead you through the Promised Land that is full of milk and honey but it also has giants in the land lurking ready to take you out.

    You must walk with Me and talk with Me as a way of life.   You must know My voice to be safe for I will show you the way around the snares the enemy sets up for they are subtle and appear to be My ways but they are strategies of the enemy to trip you up.

    Watch for the little foxes that spoil the vine, those little things of the flesh that appear to be good but they are false like false burdens and responsibilities, they only rob you of your time and distract you.

    Yes, this is the day that I am fine-tuning for you in all areas so you will line up with My will. You will know the true from the counterfeit, the wheat from the tare. Even in your thoughts you must learn to cast down vain imaginations anything that lifts itself up against the knowledge of who I am and what I would have you to do.

    You must walk in My truth, light and grace at all times. If you obey My will, you will walk with plenty and have good health. You will have soundness of mind and perfect peace if you keep your mind on Me. Yes, I love you, My child, but you must draw near and know Me says your God.

    God is calling us to have deep communion with Him as a way of life. Father, I pray that You will take away anything that is in our heart that distracts us from having your presence in Jesus name.


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