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    Kevin Barrett

    Word from the Father,

    My people, hear your heavenly Father this day.  Have I not spoken to you of the coming greater chaos and violence with even the possibility of enemy troops on United States soil?

    Well then, I now come to you with a warning to brace yourselves.  But what I mean by this is that you need to anchor yourselves in Me and My Son.  For it is only in us that you shall be protected from all that is coming.

    Do not get into fear, for fear is exactly what the enemy desires for you.  But My desire is that you have faith in Me.  I will keep you safe.

    I know that many of you wonder what all is coming, and of that, I will tell you to just trust Me to keep you safe in the storm.

    Much shaking is coming to the U.S., but not necessarily because of what you may think.  For there are many voices of conspiracy theorists out there proclaiming what they believe and see coming.  But they only see things with their natural mind.

    I will tell you why this is happening.  It is because of the sins of My people.  For My people have blindly played the harlot with the world while behind the scenes the enemy was busy taking over your country from within.

    At this point, many of those operating within your governments have evil agendas and they are wholeheartedly against My people.  Have you not witnessed their recent closing down of churches while they allow evil destructive people to flood your streets and destroy your cities?  This is all part of the enemy’s plan to completely take over your country of the U.S.

    But I declare unto you that he shall not succeed.  For I am using his own plans to cause My people to awaken from their slumberness of spirit and take their rightful place of authority in Me and My Son.

    And when this takes place, you shall witness the darkness retreat as My light shines in your country once again.  For I have great plans for this country to spread My gospel of the kingdom and become a beacon of light unto the world.

    I know that many of you may believe or have been told of the complete destruction of the United States.  But I declare unto you that that is the enemy’s plan.  My plan is to redeem and restore.

    But know this also; there shall come a time in the short days ahead when My people have come out of Babylon America and I will then visit her for her sins.  And that will not be a good time for her.  For I will then allow foreign enemies to take her to the brink of total destruction.  But even then, I shall save a remnant.  And these ones shall declare My mercy AND My severity to the world.

    My people, I am speaking these things to you so that you know that I and I alone am in control.  I have not left My throne and never shall I be dethroned by another.

    And if you would heed these words of Mine this day to brace yourselves and hide yourselves under the canopy of My Spirit, then all will be well with you.  For I love you all with an everlasting love and I have great plans to prosper you even in the midst of a shaky economy.  Just watch what I will do with your economy in the U.S.

    Do not listen to the voices that say it is over.  For nothing is over until I say so.  And I declare unto you this day that I shall prosper you far above what you have ever known, provided that you continue to walk in My ways and do not turn your foot to the right or to the left in straying from the path that I have laid before each of you.

    But know this, even though you shall have My blessings upon you, you shall be severely hated and persecuted by those of the evil one.  And even though I will turn your country of the U.S. back to Me, there will always be those in government powers who will defy Me and persecute you.  But fret not, I shall protect those whom I love and hold dear, and these are those who are obedient to My still small voice.

    Now then, rejoice when you see all these last day events unfold, for then you shall know that your redemption draws nigh.

    Your loving Father.

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    In this word from the Father when He speaks of His people coming out of Babylon America, I did not sense that that is a literal moving out of the United States.  What I sensed in my spirit is that He will have safe places for His people who will spiritually come out of Babylon, which may include living in wilderness places off the grid, however, coming out of Babylon is a heart and spiritual matter. 

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