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    Travail, bear down, for I feel a birthing is coming for God’s perfect will over America!!! It is beginning now!!! Many have been in the third trimester for a long time! Now is the time!!! Bear down and cry out and push!!!!!!!!!! Cry out, save the babies!!!! Come against socialism! Come against sterilization!!!! Cry out to Jesus, for strength!!!!!!

    I pray the midwives will position themselves to back up those in birthing in Jesus name. I pray all position themselves now in fasting and prayer, in travail. I pray strength be poured out over the intercessors giving birth now in Jesus name!

    Father, break down the dams that have held Your river back! Take away the hardness of heart. Yes, the stony ground and give us Your heart of flesh. Draw us into Your heart to feel Your burden for the lost, for the unborn, for those being tortured, for those things you are burdened for. Yes, Lord, now is the time!

    I pray this will not be a dry birth but will be carried forth swiftly by Your river and in Jesus name the devourer will not succeed in killing it when it is being birthed! I cover all with the power of the blood of Jesus and Psalm 91 for protection against the forces of evil trying to prevent this from happening.

    He has tried all his strategies to prevent this day by putting the church to sleep, by mesmerizing her with intoxicating demons, be deceiving her with false doctrines that only distracted her from the truth of God’s perfect will.

    Because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and because of His mighty intercession on our behalf, He has reigned victorious over the enemy’s plans, and this day has arrived that many have believed for.

    Yes, this is the day for war, and the day for a mighty breakthrough for the Bride!!!!!


    Ron McGatlin


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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