“Bent” vessels

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    Kimberly Fowler

    n the spirit I see pieces or implements of steel lying on the ground (they are red-colored). I ask God, “What is that about????”
    Because men have hardened their hearts against Me and I have called them to repentance. I have tried to form them and shape them after my will, but they have hardened their hearts. I, the Lord, desire to use them, but because of their rebellion, I cannot. They lay aside, bent, out of use, in a “hard” state. Sadly, in their current state, I cannot use them, so they are tossed aside, until they submit to my “bending” their will to conform to my “use”. I desire to conform (bend) people to my will. I desire that they remain supple in my hands, to be used in whatever area/manner I need them. My people are to be flexible, soft in my hands, not in a “hardened” state. My people are trained (bent) to conform to my will. I will have willing (soft) vessels to work with me to follow my leading. There is a yielding to my will that must conform so I can use them. My desire/will is to use these vessels, but until the heart yields, I cannot. So I have left them…

    (The strange thing was that as I heard this and heard the word “bent”, for the steel that was bent strangely, I thought of the word “corrupted”, because one definition of bent means “corrupted”. But when I would hear how God wanted to “bend” His people, I continuously kept seeing a picture of bent knees, praying! Just very interesting!)

    Clu Monroe

    Interesting… Thank you for sharing Kimberly!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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