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    Steven Bliss

    In an evening neighborhood walk I saw many lights of varying brightness and
    colors. “What is that” I thought as I saw a garage with a flashing white
    strobe. What does that mean?

    We are to be like him. Jesus calls himself the the light of the world (
    John 8:12). He is to be our example. In Matthew 5:14 He tells us we are the
    light of the world.

    We “see” all sorts of lights; sunlight, traffic lights, taillights, flashing
    police lights.. In our daily walk, we are expected to learn what they
    represent, or face the consequences. In fact, science now tells us that all
    matter is made of light.

    Do we take the time to see what Jesus means? What is He trying to
    communicate with you? Have you learned to yield and to advance?
    Are you learning to be a light to the world around you?

    David Jones

    Thanks Steven… a good introduction to enter into the ‘Light Realm’ of God…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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