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    On Dec 26 , I had a dream.I was in a church sanctuary worshipping the Lord and the preacher was in pulpit “practicing” for his sermon that night. It was in an office building which had a big plate glass window. I found the weight of the Lord was upon me and I first sat in a chair then slid to the floor. I was “out”. Next thing I knew was I was awakened and draped with a cloth over me and people praying for me because I was not moving. I got up and shared what I saw and heard. What I saw- On the left side of my view was rock formations,mostly flat ones (Georgia dirt color) with animals walking on the different levels- lions, monkeys and others. There wasn’t a lot ,maybe 5-10 in total. On the right side was beautiful green foilage as far as the eye could see. -and blue sky. Just an awesome sight. And I was Looking thru the big office window!!! What I heard- The end is nearly here -as you know it. The end is nearly here -as you know it. Then laughter- God then said: BUT THE BEGINNING IS NOW -AS I KNOW IT That was it-It was not a stern word but a “need to know this’ word..It was real and powerful but also uplifting and exciting. Like, “Be looking for it-get ready-excitingly NEW that you HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE

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