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    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    Nothing was made if it wasn’t made by Him. He created life and put His light into it.

    The Light is the source of all life. He created all things by just speaking them into existence.

    Listen to the stars as they twinkle. What do they say besides there is a God that created Light, follow Him. He will lead and guide you into all Truth.

    Be like a child that has childlike faith. They believe and receive because they do not doubt.

    They hear your words and because you have always been honest they know they can trust you.

    Father God is like a good parent who keeps their word. He never lies and everything He allows is for your good.

    Rest in His faithfulness for all His promises are “yes” and “Amen” to you.

    This is the day of the great falling away.

    Many are going their own way never giving a thought whether it is His will or not.

    Do not be dismayed for if you walk close to Him, He will never leave you or forsake you. He is closer than a brother and is your best friend. Hand in hand He leads you into the Promised Land.

    Return to your first love.

    Delight to be close to Him for if you commune with Him, He will always protect you.

    Train your mind and heart to cast down vain images sent from the enemy to rob your peace.

    Think on things that are true and of a good report, that are edifying, and agree with Him.

    Yes, this is the day of the great falling away, but it is also the day of the great entering into His kingdom of Light and His Love.

    The Kingdom is of peace, joy, and righteous living believing and following the Lord Messiah Yeshua/ Jesus is His Name!

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