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    Decree His Will Be Done on Earth!
    Make a decree and agree that in this hour His kingdom will come and His Will will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

    Decree:  The explosive power of the spirit of freedom is now breaking off every heavy yoke of oppression and depression over my life.

    Decree:  Ceilings of confinement, limitation and restriction are being shattered and broken to pieces.  I am advancing in greater power and authority.

    Decree:  The power of the praise and worship is now pushing back the darkness and the walls of division and disunity are being dismantled and destroyed.

    Decree:  There is an unstoppable river of healing and restoration now flowing forth upon my nation.  Things are being radically realigned and rearranged according to heavens mandate.

    Decree:  A new level of warfare has attempted to slow my momentum, but I am arising and advancing stronger and wiser.  I am a carrier of his glory and wonder.

    Decree:  Miracles, signs and wonders are being birthed in this hour, those that have been deeply impacted and influenced by the spirits of infirmity, sickness, intimidation and control are now being lifted and shifted into a new place of promise, kingdom purpose and fulfilled destiny.

    Decree:  Cycles of barrenness and brokenness are being broken, the mighty whirlwinds of restitution and recompense are now blowing across my path releasing a magnitude of blessings, the sound of new life and liberty is being birthed in the nations.

    Decree:  The governmental hand of god is now moving swiftly to remove every satanic noose that has been bound around the necks of the sons and daughters of light.  There is a battle cry for freedom and victory that is rising in the land, the tide is turning for the rivers are rising, rising, rising.

    Decree:  The manifest glory of heaven is now moving upon earth, there is strategic alignment that is taking place over the nations that will bring an acceleration to the kingdom of heaven being established upon the earth.

    I Decree and Declare:  It is time to take back ground and occupy new territory.
    It is time to pursue, overtake and recover all.

    God has put a Word in your mouth that is a key to unlocking His unlimited resources!

    Stay aligned!.  Fix your eyes on Jesus alone.  Rebuke and renounce the 1000 voices trying to deter your faith and expectation.
    Arise and Shine for His Light Has Come!
    Please resist the temptation to walk in fear in this hour, for this is the time for the mighty warriors of light to arise and shine in the midst of great and increasing darkness.

    Let’s remember satan does not win!

    This morning during my prayer time again I heard and saw the spirit say, “Daughter watch! A divine displacement of demonic dominion will suddenly take place upon the earth!”

    A repost from January 10, 2017;
    A Divine Displacement of Demonic Dominion
    Watch!  A divine displacement of demonic dominion will suddenly take place upon the earth!

    Over the weekend, during a time of fasting and prayer for Israel and the up and coming meeting that is to be held in Paris on the 15th of January where 70 nations are coming together concerning the nation of Israel.

    I was taken into a very powerful spirit encounter where I was shown many things to come.  At this time I must only share what God has instructed me to share.

    In my second encounter, I was taken back into the Court Room of Heaven where I was shown again the sealed books of many nations.

    Please take time to prayerfully read my first encounter in this most holy and sacred place.

    Here is what I saw and heard in my latest encounter in this sacred place.  The Spirit of Revelation showed me many things to come.

    I heard the Spirit say, “Daughter the time is now.”

    Then suddenly I saw and felt a mighty rushing wind and the books of the nations that were sealed shut were opened and I saw the Glory of the LORD descending upon the nations in a cloud of blazing fire.  A great and terrible shaking began to take place upon the earth.

    I watched as His hand of justice and vindication moved swiftly and powerfully upon the nations.  I watched as the powers and principalities of darkness that held regions were shaken violently, then I heard these words, “Watch!  A divine displacement of demonic dominion will suddenly take place upon the earth”!
    First Encounter:
    The Sweet Fragrance of the Prayers and Praises
    “When the fragrance of their prayers and praises fill My nostrils the books that are sealed shut will be opened, and My transforming glory will come,” says God.

    Yesterday, during a time of prayer and worship, I was suddenly caught up in a very powerful vision, where I had a deep encounter with the Spirit of Revelation.  In this spirit encounter, I was taken gently by the hand and lead up to two huge solid brass double doors.

    As I looked at these heavy brass doors I could see a sign of the “Scales of Justice” deeply engraved upon them.  I stood still for a moment when suddenly the heavy double doors began to open in front of me.  I stepped inside and on taking the first step immediately I was overcome by a deep and dense fragrance that filled the air in this strange place.

    “What is it”? I asked, and immediately the Spirit of Revelation replied, “My child it’s the sweet fragrance of the prayers and praises of My people”!

    Then the Spirit of Revelation lead me further inside the room.  Now I could see what looked like a very large Court Room.  At that very moment, I suddenly became aware of what looked like warring angels that were standing in the four corners of the room.

    Then the Spirit of Revelation spoke and said, “Child be still, do not fear”!  As I dared to look again upon these angelic beings, I could see that their faces were fierce and bold, these beings burned like a blazing fire, but they were not consumed, but rather the fire seemed to burn more and more intense as we drew closer to them.

    These fiery beings were huge in statue and very powerful in appearance.  They stood absolutely still almost as if standing at attention; each one totally undistracted and undeterred by my presence.  It was as if I was not even in the room.

    Then the Spirit spoke again and said to me, “Daughter come closer.”   As I drew nearer He lead me up to a large marble table.  Its enormous size filled half of the room.  As I looked upon the table, I could see hundreds upon hundreds of books.  Some books lay fully opened while others were sealed shut.

    As I followed even closer, I saw that the books had the names of different nations engraved upon the front of them.  As I looked again I could see that the books that lay open upon the table had hundreds upon hundreds of entries written upon their pages, line by line each entry was written in gold.

    I saw debits and credits and each entry seemed perfectly recorded, but before I could ask, the Spirit of Revelation spoke and said, “Daughter see, the books of the nations are now being balanced and reconciled in this hour, and the gavel of my justice and vindication is coming down, for I AM bringing compensation and recompense to my people in this hour and season”.

    Now as I listened carefully to what the spirit was saying, my hand moved slowly towards one of the sealed books that lay upon the table.  Immediately the Spirit gently touched my hand and said, “Child it is not time yet, but soon.”

    At that moment I understood, and the Spirit of Revelation whispered again, “Beloved, all the books will be opened and all will be vindicated, all will be reconciled and all will see My justice and all will be compensated.”

    After hearing these words I was lead by the Spirit out of the Court Room and I watched as the large double doors closed behind me.

    Then the Spirit of Revelation said these words to me, “Daughter, now go and tell My people to open their mouths and let the sound of My word go forth into the nations.

    Tell them the sound of My word now awakens the roar of the lion of Judah across the land.  Tell them that the sound of My word is battering ram that goes forth to break down every stronghold of darkness and destruction

    Tell them the sound of My word goes forth like a hammer that smashes rocks to pieces!”

    Then again He spoke saying,  “Daughter go and tell My people to open their mouths and speak forth My word and it will go forth to pierce and penetrate the darkest of darkness.

    Tell My people that the power of My word will forge highways in the realms of the Spirit for the rivers of My Glory to come.

    Daughter, go tell My people to go up to the high places.  Tell them that when the fragrance of their prayers and their praises fill my nostrils the books that are sealed shut will be opened and My transforming glory will come, My justice and vindication will come, My compensation will come and I will pour out healing and restoration upon their land.

    Daughter, now go and tell My people to eat My word, to speak my word and run with the roar…!”

    Then I came out of vision!

    Note; please pray before you share with others.


    Blessings to you all.
    Veronika West

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