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    Kevin Barrett

    Word from the Lord:

    My dearest children.  Oh, how I love you all so deeply.  But this I have against many of you: You have left your first love, which is Me.

    I do not say this to your shame, yet I say this out of My deep love for each of you so that you may turn back to Me.

    I know that many of you may argue within yourselves that you have not left Me as your first love.  But I ask you this one thing: Can two walk together unless they are in agreement to do so?

    So then, have I been with you everywhere you go and in everything you do?  I think not for many of you.

    But do not feel condemned over this, My lovely ones…..for I do not come to condemn you, but to save you from yourselves and the enemy of your soul.

    During this time of a worldwide lockdown from what many call a pandemic, many of you have been ordered to stay at home.  This has given you time to reflect.

    Can you not see the times in which you live?  Have you not witnessed the many government leaders exert totalitarian powers to take away your liberties and place strict rules upon you?

    Have you not witnessed government leaders using this so-called pandemic as an excuse for shutting down churches and places of worship?

    I ask you again: Can you not see the times in which you live?  My people, wake up!  Soon darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people, of the likes you have never seen before, nor shall there ever be again.

    So I ask you: Are you ready for this coming darkness?  I think not for many of you.

    And for those who would argue that you have not left Me as your first love, I ask you: Where is your treasure?  Is it in your job, your family or friends, sports, maybe in television and entertainment, or even a ministry?  Not that these things are necessarily bad in and of themselves….but if you put anything before Me, then it is an idol in your heart and you have left your first love.

    My people, I give you this warning: You will NOT be able to make it through the coming darkness if you’re not carrying a fire for My love.  If you carry just the smallest of idols within your heart, you will be pulled away from Me in the days ahead.

    Howbeit, I do bring you good news….for this is the season of My unprecedented grace.  And as such, this is a time of My favor upon you to set you free from all that is not of Me.

    But listen well.  For Me to set you free from all, you MUST spend time in My presence fellowshipping with Me and the Father.  And as you do this often, and behold our beauty and holiness, you too shall become holy as we are holy.

    This will not happen if you neglect spending time in the inner chamber with us.  It matters not how much you go to church, read your bible, or attend home groups or bible studies.  All these things have their place, but you MUST spend time in our presence or you will not make it to the end when gross darkness falls.  For it will ONLY be My presence in you that will carry you to the end.

    Oh, My little ones.  Do not fear this darkness that is coming.  But at the same time, do not be ignorant or prideful in thinking that you will not fall without My presence carrying you through to the end.  You do not comprehend the intensity of this darkness and what it will do.  Anyone not fully yielded to My Spirit will not make it.

    Now, here Me well.  I have allowed this so-called pandemic as a wake-up call for My people.  Do NOT ignore it and think that things will simply go back to the way they were.  For even though many things will seemingly go back to the way it was…make no mistake that the gross darkness is now knocking at the door.  And soon, the world will open the door and let it in.

    But fret not.  Yet, instead, be wise and redeem the time that you now have to get into My presence often and be changed from glory to glory.

    Oh, how I am excited for what I am about to do within a holy people in these last days.  But do not make the mistake of thinking that you will partake in My holy army simply because you carry My name…for I tell you, many are called, but few will be chosen.  And ONLY those wholly given over to Me shall be part of the chosen.

    So then, do as I say in all things, redeem the time, and take advantage of the extraordinary season which you are in, and all will be well with you. 

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