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         Recently, as I was researching the subject of superconductivity, God suddenly showed me the amazing parallel between the natural and the spiritual when it comes to this phenomenon. I feel compelled to share this simple revelation as a catalyst for the restoration of the power of God in His Church today.

    For more than one hundred years, scientists have been experimenting with and applying the phenomenon of superconductivity. Without using too much scientific jargon, the basics of superconductivity are simply the following.


         Superconductivity is the condition of a material that lets electricity, which is the flow of electrons through a conductor, to flow totally unhindered without any detectable loss of energy. It gives off no heat and allows huge amounts of electrical power to flow through a small wire. Whereas normal conductors, like copper wire, have, what science calls, a resistance factor measured in OHMs, superconductors manifest absolutely no resistance to the flow of electrons.

         Another very important property is the expulsion of all magnetic fields from the superconductor. This causes it to levitate over an earth magnet, allowing objects to move effortlessly with no resistance or friction, floating over a superconductor, while maintaining its physical relationship with its base or track. (Photo via Pixabay)

    The Central Japan Railway Company and the Railway Technical Research Institute developed the SCMaglev, a superconducting levitation railway system. In April 2015, a manned seven-car LO series train reached a speed of 375 mph, breaking its own speed record for all rail vehicles.

    There is probably nothing more exciting, to much of the scientific community, than superconductivity, but they are still hindered in its application by the fact that it will only work under certain conditions.

    What hinders their progress in the application of this amazing phenomenon is the fact that, traditionally, most superconductive materials have to be cooled down to almost absolute zero, at least -270 degrees Celsius, before they exhibit superconductive properties. This is a very expensive and inconvenient process that severely limits its applications today. One important medical device, the MRI, uses superconductors because of its diagnostic value, and the fact that costs can be absorbed by deep-pocketed insurance companies.

    How is God Speaking to Us Through This?

         With that simple explanation, how is God speaking to us through this very unique, scientific discovery?

         First of all, just as scientists are looking for ways to make this phenomenon more practical, God is looking for people who will be His superconductors to transfer His incredible power, without the hindrance or resistance that manifests in us so often as imperfect human beings. Remember, it only takes a very small, superconductive wire to transfer huge amounts of electricity. In a parallel fashion, it only takes a person who is small in their own eyes and the eyes of the world to carry the incredible power that God has put in their life. (Photo via Unsplash)

    Sadly, however, like regular copper wiring, many of God’s people seem to have lost sight of their ability to be His superconductors. I believe the reason for this is because we have forgotten how to allow God’s power to freely flow through us. When electrons flow through regular copper, its atoms or ions are bouncing around at high speeds and constantly colliding with the electrons trying to get past them to their destination. Each collision results in energy loss and heat as a byproduct. That’s why wires get hot. In a similar fashion, our flesh – selfish ambition, jealously, guilt, condemnation, shame, lust, addictions and many other manifestations of the flesh, war against the flow of the Holy Spirit through us, as is so eloquently expressed by Paul in Galatians 5.

    The Key Component

         How does a normal conductor become a superconductor? The way to make this happen is to cool down the material until the atoms are totally at rest. Then the electrons find a clear path to their destination and do not lose any energy bouncing off the atoms of the conductor. Suddenly, they become superconductors that can carry huge amounts of electrical power unhindered.

    Thus, the powerful principle illustrated in the natural realm is the principle of rest. The Bible talks much about entering into our rest, but often we find ourselves striving to please God with our exhausted and failing efforts at producing holiness. We strive to conquer our bad habits and spiritual challenges with the power of our will. We get tired and stressed out, confused and discouraged. Our fear becomes stronger than our faith, and we find ourselves at war with others whom we should be in unity with against our common enemy.

    All this activity in our soul actually causes a spiritual resistance to the flow of spiritual energy through us. Instead of being at rest and out of the way, we interrupt the flow of God’s power and love because we don’t know how to rest in His heart and just be an available channel for His power and love.

    How to Stay Connected to Our Source of Power

         The second important principle of superconductivity is that we must be connected to a source of power that is giving off spiritual energy. Jesus told us that He is the Vine and we are the branches. Unless the branch stays connected to the vine, the flow of energy from the vine will be cut off. The branch just has to remain in that dependent relationship with the vine. It doesn’t have to strive or work to produce fruit. Fruit is just the natural result of abiding.

         The same is true for us. Again, it’s all about intimacy. If we get closer and closer to God in the intimate relationship that He designed for us, we will find ourselves more and more at rest and less and less anxious and frustrated. It’s in that place of rest that His power will flow through us unhindered. (Photo via Unsplash)

    Now, what about the principle of the expulsion of magnetic fields? The superconductor will not allow the external influence of a magnetic field to enter its space. Instead, it will float above it. There are many fields of attraction called temptation that find their way, too often, into our souls. As superconductors of God’s power, we can keep them outside our space of rest and power and rise above them without any hindrance of friction that they would want to cause.

    The applications to this analogy are limitless. For instance, when we prophesy, we can allow fear, selfish ambition or the desire to impress someone to limit the full flow of the Holy Spirit. But if we, with pure hearts, allow God’s words to flow unhindered, He can produce a powerful result in the life of the one to whom we minister. If we pray for a sick person, we can worry about what will happen if God doesn’t heal them instead of resting in God’s declared will and purpose. We may not totally understand why some people aren’t healed, but if we just rest in God’s love and power, He can do powerful miracles through any of us.

    Every fruit and every gift of the Holy Spirit requires us to be at rest in our own spirit so He can flow unhindered through us.

         I do believe the Holy Spirit is speaking loudly to the Church today that He is about to visit His people in a powerful way. Through some incredible, divine visitations, He is going to lower the temperature of our flesh until it becomes totally at rest while He empowers us to be the superconductors of His love and power. In other words, He will help us to just “chill out.” (Photo via Unsplash)

    One of the best examples of this is Pentecost. Certainly, before the Cross, Jesus’ disciples were filled with flesh and selfish ambition. However, after deserting Jesus at the Cross and realizing that they were failures without God’s power, they waited for ten days in the Upper Room as He had commanded them.

    Suddenly, the Holy Spirit fell on them, making them the incredible superconductors that Jesus had prepared them to be. Their souls were at rest and God’s Holy Spirit flowed through them totally unhindered by jealousy or selfish ambition. In this condition they found out, as did the Jewish rulers, that God could do incredible miracles through “unlearned and ignorant men.”

    I hear the voice of God calling out to His children today, “Seek My face; seek My presence; seek My glory. I can turn fear into faith in a moment of intimate encounter. I can turn timidity into boldness with one glance. I can overpower every weakness and addiction with one breath into your spirit, and you can truly become a superconductor of My incredible power and love.

    “Will you seek Me? Will you sit at My feet long enough to allow the Spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to saturate your own soul and spirit? I am this day inviting you to enter into My heart – your place of rest that I prepared for you before the foundation of the world. I love you and I want to use you. Seek Me now and you will surely find Me.”

    Ben R. Peters
    Kingdom Sending Center


    Ben and Brenda Peters have said “YES” to the call of God to challenge, equip, and send dedicated lovers of Jesus into the harvest fields of the earth, including the seven mountains of society. Together they have ministered to tens of thousands of individuals in several countries of the world. After establishing and serving churches and Christian schools for almost thirty years, they began a traveling ministry in September 1999 under the name Open Heart Ministries. This ministry consisted mainly of speaking, teaching, preaching, and prophesying in conferences, camps, retreats, churches, ministry schools, and homes. More recently, they also founded an Illinois-based ministry called Kingdom Sending Center. Ben began writing revelatory books in 2000, and has published 23 of them since then. Ben and Brenda now live near Sacramento, California, close to most of their five children and twelve grandchildren.

    Source: http://elijahlist.com/

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