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    Ron McGatlin
    Are we ready to be truly poured out? –By Henry Falcone

    Are we truly ready to be poured out as an offering for the Lord. There is so much going on now that it can seem to be the “o” word… overwhelming, but Jesus comes to bring peace in the midst of the storm.

    I think I always looked for Jesus to calm the waves and the winds on the outside first. But as I grow deper in the lord, I see the greater waves, wind, and rain are not what is really going on in our external pressure, but the true storm wages on the inside of us.

    Will we trust him? Will see him? Will we understand what He truly desires in the “pressure cooker” he is allowing us to walk in? Can we see that there are areas in our life that may be in competition with his will fully being lived in us.

    The apostle Paul said, “I have been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, but not I, but Christ lives in me. Have we God’s people truly understand the cost of becoming full grown sons and daughters and the deep work the Holy Spirit must do to cause us to grow?

    I believe as we grow deeper in truly knowing him and becoming one with him we gain understanding the real purposes of the trials and storms God desires to do in us.

    We can learn that the fiery circumstances that have caused us to fret can be used to bring the deepest peace in us that surpasses all understanding when we understand what God is after in us.

    I don’t want the lord to just cause the outer rain, winds and wave to stop, but the inner ones those very things have produced in my heart.

    He desires to speak “peace be still” in our hearts where we truly trust him not partially, but fully. He desires for us to become totally submitted to his will where we can say, not my will, but thy will be done.

    He has to cut away the emotional bondage of self’s slavery that wants us to have a pity party, or deny him and take matters into our own hands. The enemy want’s us to “command the stones” to be made bread apart from the Father’s direction.

    When we don’t get what we want we become like the saints James wrote to in chapter 4. I truly believe the storms inside of us where the waves, winds.and rain try to take us out of our faith position before God of absolute surrender and trust in him is the greater storm that rages.

    I didn’t realize that in my younger days, but as I grow older in the Lord I can see that the Lord desires to manifest His kingdom in us first and then manifest it out of us to the world.

    When the Lord called me out of the “church age” office of a pastor and other 5 fold ministry gifting he said to me, “I don’t want you to build a church. I don’t want you to build a ministry. I want you to establish the kingdom of God in men’s hearts.”

    I said to the Lord back then, “lord, I can’t do that unless you establish your true kingdom life in me.” That prayer has changed my whole life, family and any work God honors me to do with him. It is no longer about doing ministry but becoming one.

    To many in the church age want to find “thier calling or their ministry.” When that happens the “gifts, the works, the ministry” become sometimes on equal plain of worship with God.

    To often the need to “prove our ministry and worth to God” becomes an idol that is as strong as those of the heathen who worship false gods.

    The idol of ministry or “spiritual ministry idolatry” can so posses someone that they live only to “do something for God instead of becoming something in God or one with him.

    He told me once, “Henry what I am making you is of more value than anything you will ever do for me.” He added,” my church is to worried about taking a city when they won’t let me take them and make them my own.

    I do not desire a work or a ministry anymore. My only desires is to be His and to be one with him and for His kingdom to manifest fully in my life.

    I will not build a church or a ministry, but as God establishes his kingdom more fully in my life every day that he would allow me to point others in that same way to find.

    He really asked me to do one thing. Take a believers or unbeliever hand, put my hand in with their and lift it up until they grab a hold of the Lord’s hand for themselves, let go and get out of the way. He asked me to do one thing, “bring them to ME.”

    If I had still had a church age “build a church ministry heart” my priority would be to bring them to “our church.” The goal is to get them to church even over getting them to truly to know God.

    If I still had a “church age” ministry heart then the goal would be to bring them to our ministry, or to me, because they need MY GIFT OR MY ANOINTING.

    Though we never may consciously say that or even believe we do that, the truth it that idol can be much stronger then we ever know.

    If our focus to bring people to our “church” we may have a hidden motive of why we want to bring them to Christ? Is our need to be needed to prove our worth to God, behind why we do our outreaches?

    Is success of building something for God and desire it to hear the Lord say, “well done good and faithful servant being done in the arm of the flesh for our own or religions standard of success?

    Has what the Lord asked us to do and accomplish being done without the pure motive of his holy love? If it is, we are a useless nobody and clanging bell 1st Corinthians 13 teaches us. Only the Lord knows.

    Why do storms, and trials come? They come to deal with the true motives, issues, and hinderances in our hearts that block his true kingdom life in us.

    They come to expose where we are in bondage, where we are holding on to our life instead of absolute faith and trust in God.

    When Jesus taught us about being faithful with what he gave us and to hear him say “well done good and faithful servant, he did not mean “much done.”

    The well done in this teaching means the “quality of the work” we have done in him and with him. Quality has to do with the motives of the heart.

    The reason the storms are allowed to come into our life is to “test the quality” of the work we have allowed the Lord to work in our life.

    When the pressure comes, when the waves fill your ship, the winds try to blow you over and you get soaked in the rain what comes out of you?

    Is it the true peace of God? Is is faith and trust in Him? Is it joy and worship instead of whining and complaining?

    Success in God’s house is determined by the “quality of love” that work was done in with him and in him not the quantity of the work done for him.

    The old Ford commercial jingle of the 60’s and 70’s really speaks of true Kingdom work. “The quality goes in before the name goes on.”

    What if that testimony of quality verse quantity of our work God has done in our life was the true foundation of what our life in Christ really was. What would the world see right now? Perhaps the Kingdom of God on earth?

    The only way we can become poured out as a drink offering is to be “crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, but NOT I, BUT CHRIST…..

    That is the true identity of full grown sons and daughters of God. They are not living to do their own will, but the will of him who made us and called us as our own.

    If you will let the word of God do it’s work in your heart. It is life transformational to all those hungering and thirsting after God.

    I pray it blesses you as it has me today and helped me stay focused on the race to run that is set before me to win the race.

    Much love and blessings.

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    • This topic was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by  Ron McGatlin.
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